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Craftopia confirms the items that can be carried over when its seamless world update launches

If you've already got a highly efficient cow boiling operation in Craftopia, then we have some bad news: When the seamless world update goes...

Cinderstone Online makes its early access debut, plans to share a roadmap soon

A couple of weeks ago we checked back in on Cinderstone Online, aka The MMO Formerly Known as Fioresia Online, where we found the...

New World begins testing Blood of the Sands seasonal update

While the fight for the attention span of gamers is crazy intense this June, there are few who are gunning to take the honors...

Gloria Victis’ massive roadmap includes a complete rethink of guild castles

Black Eye Games dropped a massive roadmap for Gloria Victis this week, capping off its first four months of post-launch during which it's managed...

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore posts summer roadmap with server merges, player housing, and XP rescaling

With its reviews sinking into the blood-red "mostly negative" bin on Steam and its lead dev reducing his activity on the project, Ethyrial Echoes...

No Man’s Sky announces a native Mac edition for Apple fans with cross-save and cross-play

Hello Games has been teasing red and green apple emoji all week, and if you're a PC person, you might have been wondering whether...

Coreborn Nations of the Ultracore plans week-long open beta during Steam Next Fest June 19

The co-op survival sandbox Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore already announced plans for its next big step in a July 18th Steam early access...

Pirate101 launches on Steam today with the Sinbad Chapter 2 update

It's launch day for Pirate101! OK, not exactly. Pirate101 launched in 2012. But it's launching on Steam today, as KingsIsle brings the family-friendly pirate...

Anvil Empires’ player-built water systems will power player towns and crafts

Anvil Empires, Siege Camp's full-scale persistent sandbox MMO with 1000-person battles, has flown way too far under the radar for a game of this...

No, we didn’t write a ‘testimonial review’ supporting Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master

A couple of years back, we reported on the resurrection of Magic to Master, aka M2M, which along with Laniatus had apparently changed hands...

Drakensang Online’s Steam version moves out of early access into full launch along with a new server

Last September, the classic isometric MMO Drakensang Online made a surprise early access arrival to Steam, with plans to be in early access for...

Co-op PvE MOBA Project F4E schedules open playtest for June 10 – here’s how to join in

This past April we wondered what happened to the social-minded PvE MOBA Project F4E and found that developer BetaDwarf has been running a series...

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore continues to crank out fixer-upper patches as player sentiment sours in Discord

The woes for Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore continue on since the game's fumbled reset earlier this month, though to Gellyberry Studios' credit, it's continuing...

Anvil Empires dates its next pre-alpha tests for May 30 and May 31

Testing is continuing to move along for Siege Camp's in-development medieval warfare MMO Anvil Empires as the studio has announced plans to begin its...

Sandbox space sim Starbase’s development has been almost non-existent for a year now

Why go to (virtual) outer space when you can send robots to handle all of the peril for you? That's the thinking behind the...

Whatever happened to Project Genom, Inferna, and KurtzPel?

Welcome back to another edition of Whatever Happened To, a recap of MMOs we'd forgotten about but deserve some probing. Project Genom: Get your F...

Fractured Online opens its data migration tool to let previous players carry their account information over

Dynamight Studios' full stewardship of its own MMORPG Fractured Online continues with the opening of a data migration portal, which will let previous players...

New World shares PTR patch notes for its second season but is forced to delay public testing

Were you looking forward to the upcoming new season in New World? Then you were maybe champing at the bit to get in to...

Cube World creator emerges from hibernation to announce Cube World Omega

I admit I did a double-take last night when Wolfram von Funck aka Wollay's Twitter account whirred to life after nearly four years of...

Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion launches in the west on June 14

Finally, we've got a hard date for Black Desert's Land of the Morning Light expansion: It's rolling out to the west on June 14th....