Steam company known primarily to MMO players for the Dota franchise.

Craftopia checks in with another preview of its developing open world update

Craftopia is still working on the seamless map update it announced in July of 2021. Don't believe me? Then perhaps this update post on...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 slashes prices on New World, Endwalker, Classic Guild Wars, and more

Steam's Summer Sale is upon us once again, and this morning you might even be able to access it without everything timing out! There are...

Fractured Veil previews visual updates made to starting locations and a new base item

Players of the zombie survivalbox Fractured Veil are likely very familiar with the Thorcon Power Plant, which serves as a social hub and the...

Valheim shows off Mistlands’ new forge, a giant tick, and wall-mountable fish decorations

First off, there's still no launch date for Valheim's Mistlands update. However, the devs at Iron Gate Studios are still keen to keep on...

Fall Guys’ multi-platform free-to-play launch causes the servers to take another temporary stumble

As readers will recall, Fall Guys officially arrived to multiple platforms, including consoles, and did so with a free-to-play business model yesterday. So just...
It was a different time.

World of Warcraft begins Midsummer Fire Festival, WoW Classic previews new group finder

Ah, the Midsummer Fire Festival in World of Warcraft, the time of year when everything feels like it's already on fire so you might...

Sci-fi MMOs Divergence Online and Otherland are finally taken off of sale from Steam

If you've forgotten about the sci-fi sandbox MMO Divergence Online, we can't entirely blame you: The game is mostly known for several moments of...

Seaborne survival title Raft adds new destinations, items, and story in its exit from early access

The multiplayer post-apoc sea sailing survival title Raft has been floating along for a while now. Entering early access back in May 2018, developer...
Bash and shoot and smash.

Outriders is free-to-play on Steam until June 23

Do you remember Outriders? No, maybe not, very few people remember - wait, we already made that joke. And it's not even totally accurate,...

Valheim fixes Steam saves, patches in fragrant flower crowns

A particularly nasty bug that was causing Valheim players to lose progress while playing through Steam has been solved, according to the developers. " fixes...

Last Oasis is doing away with its map-destroying ‘burn’ mechanic in Season Five

One of the more... interesting design decisions made by woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis was the burn mechanic, which effectively forced players to keep...

Osiris New Dawn introduces multiplayer crossplay between Steam and EGS, teases its next major update

While the silly tribalism between Steam users and EGS users continues to be an unfortunate thing, the sci-fi survival sandbox of Osiris: New Dawn...

Funcom’s early access Dune Spice Wars 4X RTS just got multiplayer in its latest update

No, it's not Funcom's survival sandbox, but Dune Spice Wars is a Funcom-published strategy title that hit early access this past spring - and...

The Stream Team: Checking out the demo version of pixel pirating MMO Arcane Waters

MOP's Chris has had the adorable-looking retro graphics MMO Arcane Waters on his radar since it first crossed our news desk, and with today...

Monster mashing MMO Chimeraland plans a summer launch, opens pre-registration to NA and EU players

Are you eager to create acts of sacrilege against the natural order because you want two monsters to smoosh together and create a whole...

Rotwood is a multiplayer side-scrolling dungeon crawler from the makers of Don’t Starve

Klei Entertainment, the studio behind the popular survival title Don't Starve as well as other excellent games like Oxygen Not Included and Mark of...

Mythic is a retro-styled MMORPG that promises ‘an infinite procedurally generated labyrinth’ to delve

The roguelike sub-genre sure does seem to draw in lots of indie MMORPG devs, as we have another of this kind of game to...

Aliens: Fireteam reveals its upcoming Pathogen paid DLC

So, you're a fan of Aliens: Fireteam? You like shooting xenomorphs with other people for loot and glory? How would you feel about shooting...

Frozen Flame launches a survival mode, expands its prologue, and brings colder weather

If you want to experience the survival RPG Frozen Flame with more of the survival and less of the RPG, then you're in luck:...

Gloria Victis outlines the final milestones before its official launch

Gloria Victis is on track for a formal release, according to new missives from Black Eye Games today. "Over the years of hard work since...