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Pagan Online rebrands as Pagan: Absent Gods after jettisoning multiplayer

If it escaped your attention last month, Pagan Online is, well, no longer online. Studio Mad Head said that the multiplayer servers...

Iron Harvest is a multiplayer RTS set in a robot-filled 1920s era, now in open beta

Developer KING Art Games and publisher Deep Silver have dared to ask, "What if the Polish-Soviet War had robots in it?" That's the...

EVE Echoes launches early tomorrow morning – here’s how to install it now

CCP Games and Netease are about to embark on a joint venture that will hopefully do what no other EVE Online spin-off has...

Daybreak has acquired Cold Iron Studios and its Alien MMOFPS [Updated]

We've updated the end of this post with the confirmation and press release; we've left the original reporting intact. For the last year, it seems...

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a team-based PvPvE game of medieval-styled thievery

Developer Sumo Newcastle and publisher Focus Home Interactive offered up what it hopes is a unique spin on the team-based PvPvE game during the...

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout’s launch day initially trips and falls, gets back up to big numbers

This is pretty much a "water is wet" sort of story, especially for those of us who have seen messy MMO and online game...

Rebirth Online makes its early access arrival to Steam

Steam is now home to another free-to-play MMORPG from our friends in South Korea. This time it's Rebirth Online, which appears to be...

TERA announces ‘team-based battle mode’ called TERA Battle Arena, launching in 2020

So here's a press release I wasn't expecting to get in my inbox today: En Masse MMORPG TERA is apparently rolling out a...

First impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game for people who hate battle royale games

Is anyone here familiar with Wipeout? It was an obstacle course game show where contestants had to avoid some pretty plush yet hard-hitting goofy...

Steam appears to be testing out a Playtest button on its game pages

Wouldn't it be easier to just sign up for beta testing and playtesting events via Steam instead of other means? Yes, it would. And...

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a twin-stick multiplayer rogue-lite RPG arriving to Xbox and Switch this week

If you like your dungeon crawler hack n' slash games more pixelated and challenging, then you might be familiar with Hammerwatch, a game...
Oh, oh, oh.

Alpha testing is ongoing now for Magic: Legends

It's testing time for Magic: Legends! Everyone (who was specifically invited to the test) gets to try out Magic: Legends! The information...

SEGA announces Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis for 2021

If Phantasy Star Online 2's long-awaited arrival on western devices this past spring didn't light your world on fire, then maybe you'll be...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s outlook in the lead-up to Crimson Desert

I've played nothing but the Black Desert season servers in the last month. It's such a fresh breath of air, and it's something...

Nexon’s UE4 crossplatform MMO V4 is officially live for PC, Android, and iOS players

We've had an eye on the hard-to-search-for V4 since August 2019, when news of Nexon's next Korean MMO first reached our shores....

Curse of Aros is a retro-styled mobile MMO of dungeon delves and monster loot

Remember how we pointed out the 16-bit-styled MMO DarkStory? Kind of looked like fun, right? If you're looking for a similarly-styled MMO package...

Hi-Rez’s squad-based multiplayer shooter Rogue Company enters paid beta on EGS

Last time we peeked in on Rogue Company, the multiplayer shooter coming out of Hi-Rez's internal First Watch Games label, we were given...

Hello there! Star Wars The Old Republic just officially launched on Steam

Remember back when EA refused to put much of anything on Steam, lest it compete with its own Origin platform? Those days have fast...

SoulWorker Anime Legends is available now for mobile devices

If you really enjoy SoulWorker Online but find yourself frustrated that there are times when you have to be away from your desktop...

Nexon’s new mobile and PC MMO V4 arrives on July 22 — here’s a panoramic trailer

Over the course of this past June we've been checking in on V4, a new MMORPG from Nexon arriving to PC and mobile...