Midnight Murder Club is a multiplayer FPS game of deadly hide-and-seek inside a pitch-black mansion


What happens when six people are given firearms, then told to enter a completely dark mansion filled with traps to kill one another? You get a fun new multiplayer game, obviously. This is the broad strokes setup for Midnight Murder Club, a deadly game of first-person shooting hide-and-seek from developer Velan Studios.

“Trust your senses and overcome your fears as you’re armed with a flashlight and a revolver, then set against your friends in a pitch-black mansion with surprises around every corner. Hide, seek, & shoot in the dark.”

Midnight Murder Club promises multiple modes for six-person fun, including classic FFA and team deathmatch as well as multiple objective-based modes. Since nearly everything is dark, players will have to rely on their other senses or carefully use a flashlight to both pick out their foes and avoid the various traps littered within the mansion, all without giving away their position. Players can also keep their eyes peeled for additional items like night vision goggles, body armor, or extra weapons.

This upcoming FPS is planning a release for sometime in the fall, but is up for wishlisting on Steam right now. A gameplay trailer is also awaiting to view below.

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