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Whatever, dude.

Throne & Liberty promises to show off more of its launch content on November 2

It feels safe enough to say that Throne & Liberty has not precisely lit the world on fire yet, especially with some less-than-enthusiastic reception...

Baldur’s Gate 3 officially rolled out to PlayStation 5 players

People kind of love the heck out of Baldur's Gate 3, which has finally launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews. And you have to kind...

Upcoming MMO from indie Gardens studio pulls in $31.3M from Tencent, Dreamhaven, Krafton, and more

Another week, another new studio popping up with a pseudo MMO and a laundry list of the biggest investors in the industry desperately dumping...

Colorful co-op multiplayer title Sky Children of the Light prepares for its cross-platform arrival on Steam

Back in 2020 we reported on a very emotional-looking bit of multiplayer gaming in the form of Sky: Children of the Light, a game...

The Daily Grind: How often has your impulse to try a new MMO worked out?

The nature of my job means that I see a lot of MMOs crossing my radar on a daily basis. That's just to be...
Oh deer.

Donkey Crew announces new survival game Bellwright as Last Oasis begins fourth year of early access

You know how it goes. You're enjoying a normal one, just chilling and vibing, and then suddenly the constabulary shows up all, "uh, so...

NCsoft hypes up its visual and AI engine tech in a trailer for narrative title Project M

Our coverage of a trailer for a single-player game might seem like we've lost the plot on paper, but this is less about the...

Hitman series developer IO Interactive teases its work on an upcoming online fantasy RPG

Gamers are likely familiar with the studio IO Interactive as the one behind several games in the Hitman franchise, but it looks as if...

Titans of Time is a 3-D free-to-play MMORPG that can be played in your browser right now

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to try something new in your MMORPG gaming diet, perhaps you can start making good on...

The Stream Team: Taking a fresh dip into the early access of Arcane Waters

The pixely piratical multiplayer RPG Arcane Waters has officially released into early access, and that means it's time for MOP's Chris to see how...
Well, that happened.

Reboot of 2005 MMO Rose Online plans early access for December 13

All right, folks, time to get ready for a blast from the past: Rose Online is going to enter early access on December 13th,...
Zero dawn, significantly more sunset.

Sony and NCsoft have reportedly teamed up to produce an MMO based on the Horizon franchise

Is anyone else feeling like it's just a little odd that at this point any video game series with more than one entry is...
Oh my sweet summer child.

Kingshunt, a 5v5 arena battler, enters early access

Is it a game about a hunt for a king? About various kings who are hunting? About finding a shunt fit for a king?...
Every other screenshot looks bad, that's the thing.

Marvel Snap launches with a new trailer featuring Sam Jackson as Nick Fury once again

It's been 14 years since we first got to see Samuel L. Jackson as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, and pop culture has not gotten...

The Daily Grind: How do you pick your playstyle in a new MMO?

Every MMO plays a little bit differently. We all know that, just like we all know that goes beyond something as simple as "in...
More like FUNdecember

Undecember is a new hack-and-slash title on the way for Android and Steam on October 12

So here's the problem. You kind of like Diablo Immortal, but you don't like the game's exceedingly awful monetization system or the fact that...
Yes, all of this.

The Daily Grind: Are there crowdfunded MMOs you’re still excited for?

When it comes to crowdfunded MMOs, the ones that get the most attention from gamers are often those that have collapsed into scams or...
Slow walk onto the stage, and...

The Division Resurgence is announced as a new title for mobile platforms

Want to be able to have all of the city-reclaiming goon-shooting fun of The Division with you on the road? Ubisoft is ready to...
Cross it out.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available now on mobile devices

If you're a big fan of the Ni no Kuni franchise and the general collaboration between anime legends Studio Ghibli (behind so many classic...
Aw, that's boring.

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMOs you want a mobile spinoff from?

I feel like Warcraft Arclight Rumble was at once exactly what I expected from the promise of a mobile Warcraft title and yet simultaneously disappointing. Like,...