Sony and NCsoft have reportedly teamed up to produce an MMO based on the Horizon franchise

Zero dawn, significantly more sunset.

Is anyone else feeling like it’s just a little odd that at this point any video game series with more than one entry is now a franchise? Well, that’s where we’re at, and there’s a rumor going around from Korean news site MTN that NCsoft and Sony are teaming up to develop a new MMORPG based on the Horizon franchise. Possibly. The source that broke the news claimed that the business partnership has just development, with comprehensive development partnerships as the reasonable outcome.

When asked about the matter, a spokesperson from NCsoft stated that the company cannot confirm information regarding unrevealed projects currently in development, which is the expected “no comment” response at this stage. It is, of course, possible that all of this will sputter out and nothing further will happen, so don’t start figuring out what you’d want to play in such a game if it happens. But the real possibility is still there, just the same.

Source: MTN (Korean) via VGC. Cheers, Phill and Fidgit!
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