Well, good by the standards of this title.

The Repopulation’s latest update is all about database improvements and server merges (in a good way)

It can be really hard to swallow the idea that you can discuss server merges in any MMO in a good way. Sure, it means...
The future's so blight I feel sick.

Path of Exile makes a number of tuning adjustments to the Blight league with its next patch this week

The Blight league in Path of Exile will spawn fewer monsters when the game's next patch arrives this week. It was just spawning too...
Talk talk talk.

EVE Online officially ends its nullsec blackout today

The nullsec communications blackout in EVE Online came with plenty of warning for players, but it was still a surreal experience for veterans when...
Doom approaches.

WoW Classic is hotfixing another exploit, this one in dungeons

The stated reason for the way World of Warcraft: Classic was built upon the modern client architecture was to reduce any chance of exploits,...

The MOP Up: Plants vs. Zombies goes multiplayer

Do you remember that quirky personality-filled Plants vs. Zombies lane defense game from way back when? Popcap has been expanding that series franchise ever...
And now, pricing.

Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria shows off its pre-alpha gameplay

It's easy to be a bit on the cynical side with Chronicles of Elyria as the game continues to... well, not be a game,...
Cool, we'll meet the meat.

Fallout 76 offers up another Meat Week for cleaning up Appalachia

Appalachia is kind of a mess in Fallout 76. To be fair, so is the world as a whole since nuclear conflicts tend to...
Destroy all doctors.

Champions Online’s third anniversary week brings back Dr. Destroyer and his Destroid robots

It's been some time since Champions Online launched, but we've finally learned a great truth about the game's major villain: Despite his grammatically ambiguous...
Uh... huh. Is that what this game is about?

Aion celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a plethora of in-game events

It's Aion's birthday! The game has been running for a decade now, which means that various proclamations that the title was dead over the...

World of Warcraft: Classic is nerfing threat generation on Demoralizing Shout

Demoralizing Shout has numerous effects in WoW Classic; it reduces the attack power of nearby enemies, gives you a nice shouting animation, and...
Oh, look over there! It's MELT DISNEYWORLD.

DC Universe Online is going live with its most Metal update today

Yes, today is the day when DC Universe Online truly goes metal. Not because the update brings with it new headbanging mechanics and a...
Lewt. LEWT!

The Division 2 is adding in targeted loot in its sixth major patch

In any game with gear, we've always had the one piece of gear that just does not seem to show up no matter what....
Sweet home doing nothing.

A player is leveling Priest in WoW Classic entirely by phone

In 2004 when World of Warcraft initially launched, leveling your character by phone presumably meant calling someone up from a land line and sitting...
It's a good plan, Bront.

Guild Wars: RPG Maker is currently available in demo form

It's time to go back and play the original Guild Wars, but in far more single-player format than before! If you'd forgotten about the Guild Wars:...

Blade & Soul is splitting damage types and adding new bracelets with the Storm of Arrows update

The next update for Blade & Soul is dubbed Storm of Arrows and that sounds absolutely horrifying. You might say "it's just a little rain"...
We do not regret to inform you of this at all.

World of Warcraft’s private servers are emptying in the wake of WoW Classic, but they aren’t empty yet

So, who figured that the people playing World of Warcraft emulators would all jump ship in order to play on the official version of 
Thanks, I hate it.

Fortnite adds in the unfortunately named Moisty Palms with its perfect prop disguises

You there! Do you want to shoot people in an area dubbed "Moisty Palms?" No, probably not, but that is the exact level that 

Final Fantasy XI brings new Ambuscade challenges and a new high-level fight for the future

The end of Final Fantasy XI's fourth expansion is back. In high-tier battlefield form. Yes, the latest version update has arrived and brought...

RuneScape has cancelled the Weapon Diversity project, but not its goals

There was a noble goal at the heart of RuneScape's Weapon Diversity project: making every individual weapon type feel like a distinct choice beyond...
Oh, please be all right.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 237: Fallen Earth’s final glorious sunset

Justin and Bree tackle Fallen Earth's sunset, WoW Classic, going back to Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, Astellia Online's monetization, CCP's new MMO, City of Heroes, and a mailbag question on swatting.