The MOP Up: Warhammer Odyssey’s Slayer warms up for action

Who will you be when you adventure in Warhammer Odyssey's mobile world? The stocky and surly Dwarf Slayer would like to make a...
All the things.

Betawatch: Pearl Abyss announces all the things

Remember when Riot Games was all like "ha ha, we're going to announce all the titles ever, eat that?" Pearl Abyss looked at that...

H1Z1’s sixth season features paltry rewards and no actual patch features

Remember when Daybreak changed H1Z1's name yet again, presumably to distance the title's console version from the already floundering PC version (also known as Z1...

Blade and Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival is live

Let's all go win some plates covered in food and then shove them into our filthy knapsacks so that we can turn them in...
I believe we have a spaceship.

The Alliance has a fully staffed and functional spaceship in World of Warcraft and never uses it

Who doesn't like a nice big spaceship? The Alliance in World of Warcraft, apparently. A recent article on Polygon points out that in Battle for...
Oh, boo-hoo.

EVE Online is officially live in South Korea

For far too long, the only way for residents of South Korea to experience the loop of mining for minerals to support pointless military...
On the dark side.

World Visit restrictions are added to Final Fantasy XIV’s Ishgard Restoration

Everyone wants in on the crafting action of Final Fantasy XIV's Ishgard Restoration, but that can be a bit of a problem. Since the...
Sans daunts.

The Elder Scrolls Online begins its dungeon-delving Undaunted event [Update: Now disabled]

Do you consider yourself generally lacking in daunts when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online? Resistant to being daunted? Undaunted, if you will? Because...

Sorry about the Red Dead Redemption 2 issues, please enjoy a new Apology Poncho

If you were hoping that the extra wait for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC compared to its console launch...

Albion Online patches in the special Avalonian invasion with unique rewards

The denizens of Albion Online face a unique threat with the game's latest patch as the Avalonians invade the landscape. It's a special...
This is not the new zone, we've seen this.

Astellia Online promises Avalon this month and a new zone in December

It's pretty clear that the team behind Astellia Online isn't just importing the game and then letting it go completely, seeing as how the...

EVE Online’s newest patch improves new player tutorials and balance tweaks

Looting stuff feels like it should be kind of self-explanatory, doesn't it? But when you're floating out in the cold darkness of space like...
Shoot to build.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida explains the Ishgard Restoration plan, addresses population bottlenecks

Yesterday saw the introduction of the Ishgard Restoration content in Final Fantasy XIV, if you could see it past the enormous sea of people...
My eyes still glow fine.

World of Warcraft’s latest test server build sparks player anxiety over glowing eyes

The next World of Warcraft patch is in the middle of testing, which has already resulted in some negative player feedback on certain systems....
Viva buhos!

A mobile version of Granado Espada is in development from Hanbitsoft

We understand if you have forgotten about Granado Espada at this point. Sure, Hanbitsoft has been developing it consistently for years now, but it...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 246: When rock bands play MMORPGs

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard and Square's financials, WoW, LOTRO, Pearl Abyss, EverQuest II, AQ3D, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW, and SWG, and mailbag topics on optional subs and Blizzard's lessons.
We remember, to our detriment.

World of Warcraft: Classic has all servers down to one layer now

If you're still salty over the addition of layering to World of Warcraft: Classic, you have picked an odd hill to die upon. But...
Healing girl.

New Overwatch short story details what brought Mercy back into the field

The original Overwatch still has a bunch of heroes who never got a whole lot of further exploration, such as the almost ubiquitous healer...

Final Fantasy XIV patches in Ishgard Restoration and the newest Ultimate content with 5.11

So often cities are destroyed in MMOs and never seem to be actually fixed in any way. But that's not the case in Final...
Pet action.

Final Fantasy XI’s latest version update adds new monthly objectives and sort of updates Beastmaster

The newest patch for Final Fantasy XI has included adjustments for Beastmaster... in theory. You can hear about it in video format or just...