wisdom of nym

Wisdom of Nym is a Final Fantasy XIV column by Eliot Lefebvre. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Never seen a bluer sky.

Wisdom of Nym: Does Final Fantasy XIV need new jobs?

We're all still basically expecting an expansion announcement for Final Fantasy XIV in November. I'll talk about the weirdness of the world right...

Wisdom of Nym: Expected expansion features still unseen in Final Fantasy XIV

We're still not into the period of time in which we'll learn about patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy XIV. Indeed, there's a lot of life...
Up, up, up.

Wisdom of Nym: Impressions of the second set of Ishgard Restoration in Final Fantasy XIV

All right! So this is not actually the column topic that I announced last week, but in my defense, I legitimately did not know...

Wisdom of Nym: Greedily anticipating Final Fantasy XI’s new scenario

All right, so it's time to insert that Tyler the Creator tweet here because this is going to be something I'm talking about a...
Make me.

Wisdom of Nym: Hints for our next destination in Final Fantasy XIV based on the past and what we’re ignoring

There's not really question in most people's minds about the fact that there's going to be another Final Fantasy XIV expansion. There doesn't need...
These losers again?

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 in review – the story

The funny thing about big Final Fantasy XIV patches these days is that because the smaller material gets a bit more spread out,...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 in review – the content

All right, here's the deal. Every time we get a new patch, I wind up finding that I have two of these columns' worth...
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Wisdom of Nym: That’s a very large fan festival you got there, Final Fantasy XIV

Odd as it might be to say, I don't really have a lot more to say just yet about tomorrow's patch for Final...
These losers again?

Wisdom of Nym: Our last preview of Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2

For a lot of people, patch 5.1 felt sort of like a breather. Obviously, it had a bunch of new stuff in it, but...
And if you don't love me now, you will never love me again.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV has no addons and doesn’t seem to want them

So long ago I can't remember when, interviews with Naoki Yoshida had him talking about Final Fantasy XIV getting addon functionality. To his credit...
It's a new thing.

Wisdom of Nym: Gunblades across Final Fantasy XIV

I think we can all agree that the explanation given for where the name "gunblade" comes from in Final Fantasy XIV is very...
Obviously silly dances are already universal.

Wisdom of Nym: The little-explained lore bits in Final Fantasy XIV

This column, in part, is in honor of a random party member who had never realized that the currency you're picking up in dungeons...
There is actually quite a lot of this.

Wisdom of Nym: The lore deep cuts we know of in Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch

There's lots of lore to unpack in Final Fantasy XIV. Seriously, I could write a lot about it because the game sets up lots...
This should be obvious.

Wisdom of Nym: Yes, Final Fantasy XIV’s Empire is just plain bad

All right, let's be totally clear about something that... feels like it should already be obvious, but seems to not be. The Garlean Empire...
Heading to the sea.

Wisdom of Nym: Looking ahead to Final Fantasy XIV’s 2020

Sometimes it's just not terribly interesting to do a year-in-review column for a game, and the fact of the matter is that this is...
Make me.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s first Patch 5.2 preview in brief

I did actually sit down for the most recent live letter, which was only halfway intentional. It's not like I didn't want to hear...
Cool eats.

Wisdom of Nym: Impressions of Final Fantasy XIV’s first Blue Mage extension

Here we are. The newest Final Fantasy XIV patch is as much a proof of concept as the original Blue Mage launch was, showing...
Make me.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s crafting class utility

There are eight crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV, and in all likelihood we're always going to have eight crafting classes at this...
The most wonderful sound.

Wisdom of Nym: Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV and what the update needs to deliver

The funny thing about Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV right now is that the only people still really mad about it are......

Wisdom of Nym: What we still don’t know about Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Ah, the grand world of the known unknowns! We're only one patch into this particular expansion, but there's still plenty of stuff to speculate...