MassivelyOP’s complete coverage from the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail media tour

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The next major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV launches in under a month, with early access starting on June 28th… but as is tradition, media got a chance to check out the expansion just a little as part of the Dawntrail media tour. MassivelyOP got in on that action too, and we’re proud to announce that the embargo lifted early this morning so we could share everything we saw during the preview event.

Our total coverage consists of seven articles linked below, covering the new jobs, the abilities for existing jobs, the first dungeon, a tour of the zones, and questions and answers with Naoki Yoshida. Read the landing post first to catch up on all of the caveats (such as the important note that the build previewed was still from an in-development expansion and changes can be made before launch) and then dive right in to learn everything on display within Tural! There’s a lot to see.

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