Here’s how to sign up for Path of Exile 2’s impending closed beta test

If you are saddened by the fact that the preview and today's big livestream reveal focused only on Path of Exile 's new Settlers...

Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur tackles real-time mechanics with city building

The Grinding Gear rooster has crowed, signifying the dawn of a new expansion and league. And what might they be? Welcome to Path of...

Corepunk’s preorder package includes only playtesting, early access, and the first season post-launch

Corepunk studio Artificial Core has release a new dev blog this afternoon homing in on "clarifications" about the game's purchase terms. Notably the team...

Guild Wars 2 deep-dives Janthir Wilds’ enhanced warclaw mount aka journeykin

August is shaping up to be an interesting month here in MMO land, and a large part of that is the impending release of...

Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise won’t feature a cosmetic game board, and players are concerned

Usually when Blizzard releases a new Hearthstone expansion set, it also offers a colorful new game board cosmetic to go along with it -...

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is coming for mobile devices this year during the holiday season

Are you concerned that after all of the different versions of ARK: Survival Evolved or points related that you have bought, there might still...

Perfect Ten: Why World of Warcraft’s Legion was a top-tier expansion

While a lot of long-time World of Warcraft players will point to Wrath of the Lich King as the high point of the MMO,...

The Stream Team: Hunting the Nuhoch hunting mastery in Guild Wars 2

It figures: Shortly after Massively OP's MJ felt relief for conquering the gliding mastery to continue with Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns story,...

Hearthstone rolls out its Perils in Paradise pre-patch

Let's all collectively take a moment to absorb the fact that Hearthstone just reached Patch 30.0 in its lifecycle, a little over 10 years...

DC Universe Online’s Brainiac Returns Aftershock is set to go live today

Hey hey DC Universe Online fans, Daybreak is packing a punch with its update today. "We're expanding the world of the latest Episode expansion...

Final Fantasy XIV introduces the Arcadion and addresses job balance in patch 7.01

It's time to get ready to rumble, Final Fantasy XIV fans, because The Arcadion is here and ready for new entrants. The new raid...

Dungeons and Dragons Online previews the loot changes coming with Myth Drannor

While it's been delayed a scooch, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Myth Drannor should be worth the wait for players, especially with the bounty of...
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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail’s delightfully light role quests

Something that happens sometimes with Final Fantasy XIV is that it takes the team a couple of tries to get a new idea right....

EverQuest II’s Varsoon progression server will see extra expansions and content through May 2025

The problem with any progression server is that, sooner or later, the progression will hit a stopping point and that server will close. It's...

The Stream Team: Hopping into the Dawntrail roulettes of Final Fantasy XIV

It's time once again for MOP's Chris and his crew to come together in Final Fantasy XIV and hit the roulettes! Only this time...

One Shots: FFXIV gets a glow-up

Substance over style should be the priority in video games -- but that doesn't mean that style doesn't deserve consideration! It's always nice when...
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World of Warcraft launches the pre-patch for The War Within on July 23

On July 23rd, World of Warcraft will be patched with the prelude to the upcoming The War Within expansion, and players will immediately experience...
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WoW Factor: Blizzard started listening to World of Warcraft players for a reason its leadership doesn’t want to say

I have a few different conflicting thoughts when it comes to the most recent interview with World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas, or...

Dungeons and Dragons Online delays Magic of Myth Drannor expansion to August 14

Standing Stone Games has a bit of bad news for Dungeons and Dragons Online players: Its Magic of Myth Drannor expansion has been delayed...

Guild Wars 2’s Janthir Wilds Kodan are basically cute environmentalist bears

Before today, I might've said that nobody loves talking about bears as much as our writers, who keep penning articles about cool MMO bears,...