World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight era gets off to a shaky start with buggy pre-patch


It was the end of the Shadowlands era for World of Warcraft — and the beginning of Dragonflight… sort of. Last night’s delayed rollout of Update 10.0 perhaps needed even more preparation, as the pre-patch arrived with bugs and issues galore.

After an extended 13-hour downtime, the Dragonflight pre-patch went live on servers late last night. Almost immediately, players ran into glitches ranging from minor UI bugs to severe, you-can’t-zone-into-Stormwind game-breaking bugs.

Blizzard posted a list of the known issues of 10.0, including accidentally empty action bars, the reagent bag slot being prematurely available, problems with placing spells on the hotbar, and the new hold-to-cast feature not working as intended.

However, all of this didn’t stop a mob of players streaming into the game to tweak their slick new user interface and set up talent builds. The pre-patch also added eight new race/class combinations, kicked off the solo arena shuffle, made the barbershop free of cost, and nerfed the resurrection sickness timer.

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