Major gaming studio, responsible for World of Warcraft and the Warcraft franchise, Diablo III and the Diablo franchise, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

Not So Massively: Blizzard cancelled a(nother) game, and I couldn’t be happier

Recently news broke that Blizzard had cancelled an unannounced game that had been in development for several years. This was followed closely...

Rumor: Diablo 4 and a new Overwatch game are seemingly confirmed by Blizzard Versailles employees

We've had persistent rumors about development on Diablo 4 for a long time now, thanks to Blizzard job postings and teases and leaks....
Ah, good, backstory.

World of Warcraft offers up a new comic on the subject of Mechagon

Mechagon is a heretofore unexplored part of Gnomish lore in World of Warcraft, having not been mentioned before its inclusion in the game...
Call the WAAAAAMbulance.

Global Chat: Daybreak is a zombie, walking

What can call an MMO blogger out of retirement? A game studio putting in below the bare minimum of effort in its updates seems...

The Game Archaeologist: Sierra’s Fates of Twinion and Ruins of Cawdor

A few years ago I regaled you with the fascinating tale of one of the very first multiplayer graphical MUDs, the absurdly named
It's sort of like progress.

Blizzard on World of Warcraft class pruning: ‘We’ve gone too far’

With everything swirling about WoW Classic's stress test this past week and next week's Rise of Azshara content update in regular

The Daily Grind: What are the most nostalgic MMO music tracks for you?

As one of the hosts of Battle Bards and the writer of this site's Jukebox Heroes column, I obviously hold great affection...

SuperData May 2019: Overwatch returns to the top 10 as battle royales duke it out

We're nearing the end of June, and you know what that means: It's time for SuperData to peek back at the global revenue...
I mean, you know what it looks like.

World of Warcraft will not split up its Classic servers based on language

If you're a European fan of World of Warcraft eager for the Classic servers to arrive, you'd better brush up on your linguistic...
Here we come again.

WoW Factor: Blizzard’s schizophrenic view of levels

So it was just last week when I did a whole column asking whether Blizzard does, in fact, have a plan when it...
We all remain. We do not become.

World of Warcraft offers up a survival guide for next week’s Rise of Azshara launch

The next major World of Warcraft patch has been in testing for so long that we can hardly blame anyone who just opted...

WoW Classic’s stress test is stressing player patience

Last night I, and apparently 80% of human civilization, logged on to the public stress test for World of Warcraft Classic. There I...

The Daily Grind: What are you going to roll in WoW Classic?

I swear that we are all of us caught in a time loop right now. It's not 2019, it's really just 2004, when

World of Warcraft’s Rise of Azshara is finally launching on June 25

Move over, WoW Classic - it's live World of Warcraft's time to shine, or it will be next week, that is, when the...

Overwatch shares Baptiste short story and a dev video on its replay system

While players of Overwatch have likely gotten their heads around Baptiste as a playable character, and we've all gotten

Pokemon Go studio Niantic is suing PokeGo++ hackers ahead of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s launch

Niantic and Pokemon Go have been no stranger at all to lawsuits over the years - it's just that most the suits have...

Bungie aims to deliver more Destiny 2 content ‘as often as [it] can deliver it’

The future is looking a bit brighter for Destiny 2, which, after much concern over the game's prospects following Bungie's split...

WoW Classic’s next stress test is open to subbers in North/South America, Oceania

Blizzard has announced that the next World of Warcraft Classic stress test will be happening this week on Wednesday, June 19th, lasting...
Bored, huh?

World of Warcraft is removing an exploit used to powerlevel characters in Island Expeditions

What's the fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft right now? Have some friends willing to game the system. Essentially, there's a...

The MOP Up: Project Torque revs back up for another race

Car racing MMOs have endured bumpy runs in the genre, including the late Project Torque (also called Level R and HEAT Online). Torque...