Justin Olivetti


Senior Reporter

A casual gamer and long-time MMO fan, Justin is often heard yelling, "Player housing for all!" in the Massively Overpowered offices. In addition to news, he tackles LOTRO Legendarium for LOTRO, The Perfect Ten, Jukebox Heroes, the retrospective Game Archaeologist series, One Shots, and the Massively OP podcast.

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Twitter: @sypster

Steam’s Lunar New Year sale discounts New World, Elder Scrolls Online, and more

It may not be one of the biggest annual promotions that Valve runs, but Steam's Lunar New Year sale has several tempting discounts for...

Superhero MMO City of Titans seeks more money: ‘We’re operating on a used shoestring’

As City of Titans and its volunteer team enter yet another year of development, Project Lead Chris Hare submitted to an interview on how...

Leaderboard: Valve’s gaming-on-the-go Steam Deck launches February 25 – will you buy it?

Get ready to never move off of the couch again because Steam's handheld gaming computer is less than a month away from release. Valve...
It's an old deck, I swear.

Perfect Ten: Genuinely fun MMO minigames

Few people are without opinions on minigames in MMOs. Some love 'em, some hate 'em, and some just ignore 'em. Some even despise that...

VR MMO Zenith hits the ‘big red launch button’ today

Zenith, a virtual reality MMORPG project that crowdfunded successfully back in 2019, is hitting the "big red launch button" today, according to its indie...

Overwatch lights up Lunar New Years, Diablo II expects a testing log jam for Patch 2.4

The Year of the Tiger roared into Overwatch this week with a multi-week Lunar New Year celebration event. The celebration, which goes until February 15th,...

Neverwinter restores missing artifact mods, accelerates Dragonbone Vale’s console launch

Rankled Neverwinter players who found the launch of the Dragonbone Vale module ended up souring rather than sweetening their gameplay due to an unfortunate...

Tamriel Infinium: A look back at Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor

When Skyrim came out in 2011, everyone knew it was going to be big -- but even within the already massive Elder Scrolls fandom,...

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer having your own solo adventuring party?

One of my secret gaming delights is when I can finagle it in an MMORPG to effectively have a small party of adventurers all...
A world of disappointments.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 357: Microsoft swallows Blizzard whole

Justin and Bree discuss the Microsoft Activision-Blizzard buyout, the EverQuest franchise roadmaps, Nightingale's ex-MMO status, Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, and the Riot MMO, with adventures in LOTRO and Elder Scrolls Online, plus mailbag topics on Blizzard and games made for streaming.

Lost Ark will keep you crazy busy at the endgame

We are starting to run out of time to prepare ourselves for the coming of Lost Ark, and so it's that perfect period where...
Yikes what

Star Trek Online beefs up lifetime sub benefits – and benefits for all

Good news today for both lifetime and regular account holders of Star Trek Online -- your life is about to get a bit better! Cryptic...

Battlefield 2042 eyes F2P in desperation while rascally zombies break the game

Whether it be from the living or the dead, Battlefield 2042 can't seem to catch a break these days. The latest iteration of this long-running...

Getting ready for Lost Ark: Name reservations, founder’s packs, and server choice

We're not saying that you are the procrastinating type, but on the very off chance that you like to leave preparations for a new...

The MOP Up: Anvil hitches up its combat pants as it looks at 2022

Coop shooter Anvil pushed out its first update since the game's December early access launch. The patch brings in balance adjustments, a new relic,...

One Shots: Dutch angle knockout

Despite how movies and TV make it look, knocking someone clean out with a punch isn't actually that easy (although attempting it is a...

Diablo II Resurrected’s game-changing Patch 2.4 hits the test server on January 25

It does seem a little surreal that Diablo II has returned to such prominence and favor in Blizzard while Diablo III sits neglected and...

Hellbugs and love hugs keep RIFT’s community busy

As the long-suffering RIFT community waits to see what may happen to their MMO, they have a couple of distractions to keep them busy...

LOTRO Legendarium: It’s time to revisit skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online

Ever since 2009, I've loved skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online. These were a new type of instance that rose to prominence in...

New World tries to sell endgame players on expedition mutators

With an ever-increasing number of players in New World reaching the level cap, Amazon's come under pressure to provide meaty endgame content to keep...