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The Daily Grind: Do you have hope for World of Warcraft in 2022?

Phew. It's been a rough, rough year for World of Warcraft players. With sparse content releases for Shadowlands, an unknown future direction for the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 349: Make mine Marvel

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak's Marvel MMO, LOTRO's console future, DCUO's expansion, the EverQuest franchise, RIFT's planned update, DDO, Star Citizen, and Elite Dangerous, with adventures in LOTRO, Fallen Earth, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on New World's rookie mistakes and Lost Ark's genderlocking.

Epic MMO Battles, post-apocalyptic edition: Fallout 76 vs. Fallen Earth

It just struck me over this past weekend that we post-apocalyptic fans are now blessed with two solid and intriguing online RPGs to enjoy....

Stick and Rudder: Checking up on Elite Dangerous Odyssey after eight updates

When I originally wrote my impressions about Elite Dangerous: Odyssey earlier this year, I noted that the game was broken, but broken could be fixed....

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite thing to do in MMOs that isn’t violence?

A while back, I read a Twitter thread about one of the reasons video games revolve around violence: It's easy to assemble into content,...

Fight or Kite: Naraka Bladepoint is battle royale but with grappling hooks

Welcome back to the Monday after a holiday (at least in the US). Hopefully you were able to enjoy your family, friends, or game...
Nairs your Thav.

Wisdom of Nym: What to expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker early access

Well, it's finally happening. No more unexpected delays, we've got our maintenance time set, and we've gotten everything ready that we could possibly have...

The Daily Grind: What are some disappointing systems in great MMOs?

I want to talk about Guild Wars 2's food. You guys, Guild Wars 2's food is so good. The icons are good. The names...

Massively on the Go: Pikmin Bloom began with Nintendo’s vibes, drifted to Niantic’s void

It's been about a month since Pikmin Bloom was released, and anecdotally, I've noticed social media and real-world communities dying off. But it feels...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite toy ability in an MMO?

You know how annoying it is to have Demon Hunters around you constantly double jumping and gliding in World of Warcraft? I absolutely do...

Global Chat: Wrapping up FFXIV’s Shadowbringers

As Final Fantasy XIV players are on the cusp of leaping into Endwalker, MMO blogger Gnomecore wrapped up a final look at Shadowbringers. It's...
Can you see me?

Tamriel Infinium: Eight things I really like as a Elder Scrolls Online casual

As some of you have so kindly pointed out, I am by no means an Elder Scrolls Online expert. I've been playing off and...

The Daily Grind: What MMO should you really be playing right now – but aren’t?

If you open up a window and listen very carefully, you might hear my voice on the wind going, "There's never enough time to...
Fighty fight fight.

Perfect Ten: 10 mounts that New World should definitely add

For some reason, New World does not have mounts. This is obviously not the only thing that the game lacks, as it also lacks...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 348: To the moon with FFXIV’s Endwalker

Eliot joins Justin to discuss Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, with an overview of the expansion, a look at its new jobs, mysteries we'd like cleared up, and speculation about what's coming next for the MMO.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever exploited in an MMO?

New World's seemingly endless parade of exploits had reawakened my wonder about who exactly buys a game only to try to break it for...

Battle Bards Episode 205: Love is in the air

They might not be the most naturally romantic crew at heart, but the Battle Bards have been known to get, er, swoony when love is professed...

Massively Overthinking: Gratitude in the MMORPG genre

It's Thanksgiving here in the US, and while some folks have probably already kicked back from the table and have started in on the...
Laser needles.

Vague Patch Notes: When ex-World of Warcraft fans become Final Fantasy XIV partisans

There is a certain stripe of Final Fantasy XIV fan that is exceedingly prevalent at this point, and that type is the rigid partisan... against World of...

The Daily Grind: Are you going to indulge in some sales action for MMOs this year?

It's the season... the season of discounts. Yes, it's just about time for everything to go on discounts on various online storefronts, and while...