Massively on the Go: Orna’s a definitive MMOARG – but it keeps you at home

Twice now I have suggested a theoretical Earthbound ARG, and a central idea of such a game would be having a chosen safe spot for...

Classic EverQuest’s 2022 roadmap includes an expansion, community council, and new progression servers

It might be hard to believe, but Classic EverQuest is still among Daybreak's biggest games, and it's turning 23 years old in just a...

The MOP Up: Vendetta Online adds 27 custom missions

Vendetta Online warped into the new year with a slew of events, more functionality for capships, and 27 additional custom-made missions. Reader Jason keyed us...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen showcases work on class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals

The devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seem to be eager to share their work as the game continues to slink towards its...

Dual Universe is bringing voxel shape customization and shipwrecks in the Panacea update

The close of last year saw Dual Universe mention that details of the voxelbox's next update would be shared in January. True to its...
These spreadsheet dots need to look impressive.

EVE Online says farewell to DirectX 9 support today

When you're playing EVE Online without being zoomed out to the point wherein everything is just a dot on a tactical display, you may notice...

Soulforged is a minimalist browser-based multiplayer RPG about managing action points and survival

This genre has all kinds of surprises hiding around the corner. Take for example the game Soulforged, a truly distinct multiplayer RPG currently in...

Embers Adrift releases a slew of gameplay, tutorial, and preview videos

At the end of December Embers Adrift promised that the start of January would be full of gameplay previews and a new trailer. The...

The Wagadu Chronicles notes work on character customization, combat UI, and reputation system

The Wagadu Chronicles is once again offering up its usual monthly progress report on the development of its upcoming MMORPG, starting off with a...

Profane shares some lore, character creation updates, a bird design, and an end-of-year wrap-up

The full-loot PvP sandbox of Profane continues to use its Twitter account as a sounding board for its variety of updates and concept previews,...
Dim grawn.

Grim Dawn adds UI scaling and new video options for Xbox, gets numerous item adjustments for PC and Xbox

The ARPG Grim Dawn has kicked out a fresh update for both PC and Xbox players, and while the patch is light on content,...

Shroud of the Avatar adds tameable lions and tigers and delicious wyvern eggs in Release 97

If you're hungry for an egg dish in Shroud of the Avatar, why not treat yourself to one of the rarest eggs out there?...

Choose My Adventure: Grim Dawn gets comfortable and continues to get better

I’m not sure that this edition of Choose My Adventure has any more legs left to it. Partially because Grim Dawn is, at least...

LOTRO Legendarium: A look back at Lord of the Rings Online in 2021

It's that time of year again! As we get ready to make the psychological transition to a new year, we pause to look back...

Project Gorgon adds Alharth’s holiday season, preps level 85 dungeon for next week

Early access MMORPG Project Gorgon has had an interesting year: Last spring, it added an optional subscription, a sub perks system, and an offline...

War of Dragnorox is a ‘dynamic warfare MMORPG’ where devs deliver the action live in-game

Apparently, being the dungeon master of an MMORPG is a job. Or at least it's a job for the upcoming game War of Dragnorox,...
Crow the eff.

Crowfall’s 7.400 update brings the Mine Overseer’s Tower and winter holiday event

Rumors about its future notwithstanding, Crowfall is pushing onward with content updates and events this week. The 7.400 update is now live, with tweaks...

Albion Online’s first update to Lands Awakened touches on War Gloves and

Lands Awakened isn't even three weeks old yet, but Albion Online is already prepped for its first big update to the update. Patch 1...

The MOP Up: Trove’s polished paragon paradise

Trove is making sure that its players have plenty to do this season thanks to a Polished Paragon system. This patch came out on...

Lord of the Rings Online explains how its delayed legendary item track works

While it was supposed to be a launch day feature for Fate of Gundabad, Lord of the Rings Online's new legendary item reward track...