Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 43 hits the PC public test server with new housing additions


It was foretold in the Elder Scrolls that a test server update would arrive, bringing a way for people to peer into others’ in-game homes. Well, more specifically, the Elder Scrolls Online website told us this was coming, and now the PC public test server has opened this week to let players put Update 43 through its paces.

As we reported earlier, the marquee feature of Update 43 is the housing tours UI that will let players search for and visit others’ homes, as well as several additions to the Infinite Archive, but there are also several additions fans may want to note as well, including two new houses, dozens of new furnishings including a scribing altar, new collectibles, and new skill styles.

Other portions of the patch focus on quality-of-life like improvements to mount previews and the ability to remember the last visited guild store or guild bank, and the Undaunted Celebration event is also back for this test. The patch notes explain it all.

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