‘Buy-to-play’ is a term that refers to games that have box or download fees associated with them but do not incur a mandatory subscription. Some have optional subscriptions and are more properly referred to as hybrid B2P. Most have cash shops and microtransactions.

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

We've been offering up an MMO predictions list for Massively Overthinking for years upon years now as our writers and readers prognosticate on the...

Vague Patch Notes: Waiting for the MMORPG endings that are never coming

It took some real courage for Naoki Yoshida to get up and announce that Final Fantasy XIV was ending. After an enormously successful run,...

Bungie devs face the ‘soul-crushing’ pressure of financial targets, a Sony takeover, and threat of more layoffs

It's already been reported that life within Destiny 2 and Marathon developer Bungie is extremely unhappy in the wake of recent layoffs and the...
There are problems with this art, but we're going to overlook that.

End-of-year Eleven: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2023

When it comes to making a judgment call about the "healthiest" MMORPGs on the market at any given time, there are always plenty of...

The Stream Team: Operation killing for Kryptis trust in Guild Wars 2

Now that Massively OP's MJ is exploring Guild Wars 2's Nayos, she finds the Kryptis' area very beautiful. But of course, she's not on...
New Year's EVE

The Daily Grind: What was the best event in the MMO genre in 2023?

We used to run this Daily Grind as an award but canned it when we had a hard time summoning enough really stellar events...

The Stream Team: Making my way back to Elder Scrolls Online’s main quest

One thing Massively OP's MJ loves most in games is the ability to go and play what she wants, when she wants. In Elder...

Destiny 2 plans beta testing of expanded fireteam finder December 6, discusses PvP events, and opens its new dungeon

Last week saw Destiny 2 begin its first steps toward proliferation of its fireteam finder function with a raid finder stress test. That test...

Elder Scrolls Online plans Cyrodiil population cap tests starting December 6

Ideally, a PvP zone is more fun if there are more players to fight in it, which is what is on the table for...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offered the best PvE experience in 2023?

It makes me genuinely happy that this morning's Daily Grind is contentious and has no right answer because we have so many MMOs that...

The MOP Up: Dragon and Home goes to the Blazing Desert

Dragon and Home warmed up a chilly winter with the debut of its third continent, the Blazing Desert. "This vast world presents the splendor of...

One Shots: Fishing for a compliment

When life's moving a little too fast in your MMORPG, maybe it's time to take a break, dig out the ol' rod-and-reel, and pluck...

Elite Dangerous’ Frontier declares it’s ‘getting back on track’ by re-focusing on new and existing simulation titles

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier Developments is using its 2023 annual investor report to proclaim that it's "getting back on track," as it decides that...

Destiny 2 swiftly stops sales of a baffling Starter Pack after players drag Bungie for the bundle

What do you think would be included in a Starter Pack for Destiny 2? Do you envision some currency? Perhaps access to an expansion...

Destiny 2’s nearly seven month-long Season of the Wish has officially gone live this week

It's time for one of the longest seasons in Destiny 2's recent history thanks to the now-confirmed delay of The Final Shape to June...

Skull and Bones is now targeting February 2024 for its launch following eleventy billion delays

Insider Gaming is reporting that Ubisoft has finally narrowed down Skull and Bones' launch date to February 16th, 2024. And believe it or not,...

The Stream Team: Peitha’s plan of resistance in Guild Wars 2

After chit-chatting with everyone last week, Massively OP's MJ learned that Peitha wanted help from her and the Ward to fight against Eparch, the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 447: MMO hackers, headstarts, and proliferations

Justin and Bree discuss the hackings of Ethyrial and Fractured, Palia's beta update, City of Titan's test launch, World of Warcraft's paid expansion headstart, and Guild Wars 2's weapon proliferation beta, with adventures in Project Gorgon, LOTRO, Fallout 76, and WoW.

Guild Wars 2’s weapon proliferation beta has begun as ArenaNet ungates SOTO for alts

It's weapon proliferation day in Guild Wars 2! OK, OK, it's the "Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta," otherwise known as your first chance to try...

Bungie finally admits it’s delaying Destiny 2’s The Final Shape to June 4

Confirming what leaks and rumors and layoffs a month ago had already implied, Bungie announced this afternoon that it's delaying Destiny 2's The Final...