MJ Guthrie


Community Manager

When not immersed in her favorite virtual worlds, MJ can be found hanging out with her family, reading, coaching/playing sports, writing fiction, singing, and dabbling in graphic design (in random order, depending on mood and season). Her favorite part of MMOs? Observing the dynamics of virtual communities. That psychology degree has to come in handy somewhere, doesn't it?

MJ's Massively Overpowered adventures can be found many places: She investigates Secret World Legends/The Secret World's conspiracies in Chaos Theory, chronicles the EverQuest franchise in EverQuesting, practices survival in many sandboxes with The Survivalist, and livestreams for the Stream Team.

Personal blog: Looking for Shinies
Twitter: @MJ_Guthrie

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The Stream Team: Weapons of fire and ice from Yulgar’s Inn in AQ3D

Some say the quest has weapons of fire, Some say of ice. From what she's tasted of desire MJ holds with those who favor fire. But if the...

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As her exploration Neverwinter's Undermountain continues, Massively OP's MJ has delved deeper and arrived at Vanrakdoom. Unlike many underground areas, this cavern has vaulted...

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In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP’s Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...

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Massively OP's MJ has finally finished Warframe's The New War, so now she can start enjoying all the many other parts of the game...

The Stream Team: Commemorating a 12th Massiversary in AdventureQuest 3D

My my, where have the years gone? Today is Massively OP's MJ's 12th Massiversary, and what better way to commemorate the event than with...

The Stream Team: Underwater combat with Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Drow

Massively OP's MJ has always been sad that she can't shoot fireballs underwater in DDO. She still can't (boo!), but thanks to a special...

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Last time, Massively OP's MJ made it through Star Trek Online's new Blue Shift espisode (and kind of managed the new Forged in Fire...

The Stream Team: The odds and ends of AdventureQuest 3D

While waiting for the release of AQ3D's Nulgath Saga, Massively OP's MJ can just relax and wander about Lore doing odds and ends. She...

The Stream Team: Finishing Fazrian’s tasks in Neverwinter’s Terminus

The planetar Fazrian in Neverwinter's Terminus is pretty ticked at having one of his residents rebel. The traitor in question, Valtagar, even built a...

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With her name now cleared with the law and her foe Ankka dead, Massively OP's MJ needs to turn her Guild Wars 2 eyes...

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