Destiny 2 moves group finder out of beta and confirms Into the Light’s permanent content


The weekly Destiny 2 newsletter is once again about the future of the online FPS, specifically offering some advanced looks and important dates for its Final Shape expansion and the current Into the Light update. So let’s dig in.

In regard to the expansion, Bungie outlined updates coming to the clans feature that include the addition of a vendor reputation track that’s meant to increase clan feature unlocks, some clan bounty updates, and reworks for several clan perks. The studio has also confirmed that the Final Shape’s raid will open up on Friday, June 7th, at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

As for the immediate future, players are being reminded of what limited-time content will be unavailable on June 3rd, which will include BRAVE arsenal weapons, Hall of Champions content, and the Pantheon boss rush activity. Things that will remain after that date will include the Onslaught activity, standard BRAVE arsenal weapons, PvP maps, missions for The Whisper and Zero Hour exotics, and specific shaders, which will be earnable in different ways.

Finally, the group finder tool has officially stepped out of its December beta state and into a full release, with future features like integrated voice chat and lobby invites planned for the near-term.

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