The Stream Team: Fighting through Final Fantasy XIV raid content

Yes, MOP's Chris hasn't cleared every little thing in Final Fantasy XIV, and before the next content patch falls upon Eorzea, he's looking to...
Weedle whee.

Zenith trots out a new raid boss in the Ascension update, plans Quest 3 launch in October

The matrix, er, Zenith needs you to plug in once more, as a new raid boss has appeared on the scene. The virtual reality...

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server re-engages the Rikti Invasion event starting today

One of my many favorite memories in City of Heroes was playing the first Rikti Invasion in Atlas Park. Watching the war walls disengage...

Eternal Tombs declares goal to innovate in the MMORPG genre, releases gameplay walkthrough

Not quite two years ago, we first heard about a new MMORPG from Triune Studios called War of Dragnorox, focused entirely hardcore mechanics like...

Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for next week’s Growing Light update

Final Fantasy XIV fans can pretty much set their watch to a number of things that the MMORPG puts out, and one of those...

Massively Overthinking: The impact of jump start servers in MMOs

With Chris' Choose My Adventure run on Lost Ark - specifically, on its jump-start servers - coming to a close, I thought it would...

Wizard101 brings out a new gold skeleton key boss with ‘valuable’ loot

You should always be suspicious when things get a little too quiet around the Halloween season: That's when you know that evil is up...

Casually Classic: Six reasons hardcore servers make WoW Classic worthwhile

The first time that I heard about the unofficial "Hardcore Classic" scene for WoW Classic, I didn't get it. The idea of voluntary permadeath...

Vindictus opens up its new Hall of Fallen Knights raid in latest update

Endgame players of Vindictus hopefully have something to be pleased about as last week saw the introduction of a new raid to take on...
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: Open questions spawned by the Tokyo Game Show’s Final Fantasy XIV live letter

Thanks to the Tokyo Game Show, we've had our last Final Fantasy XIV live letter live letter before the patch, and aside from the...

The MOP Up: Wakfu’s brand-new tutorial island

To go along with a new single-account server, Wakfu is introducing a fresh tutorial that's situated on Rii, the Celestial Island. The team hopes...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s October events are early with tricks if not treats

Pokemon Go news this month feels like Christmas. We usually don't get news until days before the new month starts, if that. But this...

Destiny 2 shows off the new supers coming in The Final Shape and keeps fighting crafted weapon glitches

Every expansion of Destiny 2 brings new supers to the game's three classes, but since there won't be any new element in The Final...

Conan Exiles marches onward to a purge-filled chapter two of the Age of War today

Funcom has made good on its promise to expand Conan Exiles with the launch of the second chapter of the Age of War, the...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft’s mighty banhammer strikes once more

World of Warcraft announced that it banned 145,566 accounts in August, saying, "All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result...

DC Universe Online begins testing a cursed Gotham City with Episode 46

Batman's backyard is taking a beating in DC Universe Online's newest outing. Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed went up on the test server...

Zenith begins testing Ascension patch and revamped starter experience

VR MMORPG Zenith is looking ahead to its next big update: It's called Ascension, and though it has no launch window just yet, the...
Slightly disappointing context.

WoW Factor: MMO raid design and the antagonistic GM

Last week's column about World of Warcraft prompted some really interesting comments that I think are worth talking about; in fact, I very nearly...

Trove’s Battle of Fire and Ice event pits yetis against dragons in tomb-raiding combat

Yetis doing battle with dragons in a bid to win the Battle of Fire and Ice. It sounds like delightful young adult fantasy novel...

Dungeons and Dragons Online debuts new Vecna Unleashed raid

Ready to roll for initiative? You're going to need all the edge you can get to tackle Dungeons and Dragons Online's newest raid, which...