Secret World Legends celebrates Samhain with free gifts and raids

Is there any better appropriate setting to enjoy Halloween festivities than Secret World Legends? Particularly considering that the first zone in the game is...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO classes added later in a game’s lifespan ended up being amazing?

This week, Lord of the Rings Online players are getting to roll their first brand-new class -- the Brawler -- since the Beorning came...

EverQuest’s 28th expansion, Terror of Luclin, is open for preorders, and it looks epic

One of the oldest games in our genre is about to get a little bigger: EverQuest has just opened preorders for Terror of Luclin,...

DC Universe Online sets Legion of Doom for December, maps out content for 2022

With DC Universe Online having released its House of Legends update this past August, it'd be easy to assume most players are curious about...

The Game Archaeologist: Kingdom of Loathing

It is, in so many ways, the antithesis of a modern MMORPG. It has crude stick figure drawings instead of lush 3-D graphics. It...
A journey already taken.

WoW Factor: What the Season of Mastery says about WoW Classic

The fracturing has begun. That's what sticks out to me when I look at WoW Classic's Season of Mastery limited-time experiment. Obviously, this is not entirely...

Destiny 2 details vaulted content for Year 5 and previews a Ghost shell for Festival of the Lost

For those who write their calendars around vault content in Destiny 2, you'll want to divert your attention to a recent news post from...
I'm sure it's a coincidence.

Classic WoW’s Season of Mastery attempts to boost the MMO’s challenge level

The testing for the new seasonal ruleset for WoW Classic is already underway, but what exactly is the Season of Mastery event meant to deliver...
Fine, whatever.

WoW Classic begins testing fresh start servers as Blizzard yanks iffy joke and flirt soundbites

Blizzard giveth, and Blizzard taketh away. In this case, the studio is giving fresh start Classic servers while taking several character joke and flirt...

Blizzard still hasn’t addressed some player questions on WoW Classic’s fresh servers

As it often goes, when one question is answered, a dozen more crop up in its place. And so it is with Blizzard's recent...

LOTRO Legendarium: Fate of Gundabad is shaping up to be the full expansion that LOTRO needs

Right before all of the news this week got sucked into the gravity well of the launch of a certain MMO, Lord of the...
Cutty time

Blizzard is launching new WoW Classic fresh-start servers for its ‘Season of Mastery’

On a previous MassivelyOP Podcast, we joked about whether WoW Classic needed its own Classic version. Apparently, that's not too far off from what...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s October events bring both tricks and treats

Our last Massively on the Go column of September has a very good treat for you pokemon fans: Pokemon GO's October events begin tomorrow with...

Perfect Ten: It’s time to end all dragons in MMORPGs

If a genie ever appeared to grant me three wishes, I would not hesitate. I would not be selfish by asking for more wishes...

Why I Play: Returning to Guild Wars 2 and exploring elite specs after nine years

I have a strange history with Guild Wars 2. I fell hard for the pre-launch hype, and when it finally arrived, I loved it...

Nexon announces plans to globally publish PC and mobile MMO Heroes of Incredible Tales 2

Do you remember a game known as Heroes of Incredible Tales? It was a mobile multiplayer ARPG from developer NAT Games that made its...

Lineage II Aden raises the drawbridge for castle sieges this week

It's time for Lineage II Aden players to batten down the hatches, heat up the boiling oil, and prepare the diseased cattle for catapulting,...

RuneScape applies extra Treasure Hunter changes and releases the Croeseus Front

The weekly update for RuneScape has once more arrived, but this time around there are some pretty sizeable changes going on. At the top...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Fate of Gundabad launches November 10 – preorders have begun

Standing Stone Games has finally taken the wraps off the Fate of Gundabad expansion for Lord of the Rings Online in today's big preorder...

Ship of Heroes shares a postmortem for its summer beta and future development plans

The summer beta test for Ship of Heroes has officially wrapped up, and it's time for the devs at Heroic Games to take stock...