City of Heroes Homecoming begins public testing of new raid and Marine-themed support set


The totally legal and licensed City of Heroes Homecoming (isn’t that fun to say?!) has rolled out Issue 28: Page 1, dubbed Legacy, to the game’s official open beta server. Among the highlights are a revamp of the Warriors enemy group, a new story arc, a new raid zone, new power customization options, new drops, new badges, new endgamer rewards, and yes, even a new powerset.

That powerset is called Marine Affinity, and as the name suggests, it’s a water-based support set for Defender primaries and Controller, Corruptor, and Mastermind secondaries.

“Marine Affinity allows players to command the power of the Oceans to buff their friends and wash away their enemies. This set focuses on turning the tides of battle with several area-based buffs and debuffs, specifically bolstering ally damage while dampening enemy damage potential. Thematically, the set’s area coverage allows you to either spread out areas of effect in a wide but shallow pool, or dive deep in one spot to bowl over enemies.”

The new raid zone, Labyrinth of Fog is co-op and runs as many as 50 (!) players 45+ through a vast, maze-like map as the Minotaur himself hunts you down and a Malevolent Fog hinders your progress. Note, while this is technically a raid “intended [to] be tackled with a Team or League,” the devs say it can “be braved by determined solo players.” Have fun with that!

There’s no date yet, but everyone can access the open beta test server through the launcher and go test it out. The test server offers tools for auto-leveling and gearing up your toon instantly to allow easier testing (which is fun in its own right).

Source: Patch notes #1 and #2
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