DC Universe Online shares details of upcoming events, Xbox X|S release progress, and Episode 48

The immediate future of DC Universe Online appears to be pretty busy according to the MMORPG's latest producer's letter, which provides fans several looks...

‘The era of the big raid has returned,’ superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes declares

If you're tuning into Ship of Heroes for the raiding scene, Heroic Games aims to support your playstyle, as it's made abundantly clear in...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs are best at letting you bring the player, not the class?

It was MOP's Eliot who put the ol' canard about bringing the player not the class in my head again recently, thanks to his...

City of Heroes Homecoming begins public testing of new raid and Marine-themed support set

The totally legal and licensed City of Heroes Homecoming (isn't that fun to say?!) has rolled out Issue 28: Page 1, dubbed Legacy, to...

DC Universe Online rolls out Aquaman-themed Tides of War event for the summer

Daybreak's DC Universe Online's servers were offline a bit yesterday, but only for good things, as the Tides of War summer event and concomitant...

EverQuest’s continuing 2024 roadmap teases The Outer Brood expansion and a server merge

"The Year of Darkpaw has passed the halfway mark and is still going strong!" Daybreak's Jenn Chan says in her latest EverQuest producer's letter,...
Have you heard?!

The Daily Grind: Would you rather have disposable minions or true pets with an MMO pet class?

A few weeks back, MOP's Chris and I were talking about Path of Exile 2's forthcoming Witch character and griping about the way a...

One Shots: Dawntrail, ho!

Memories of a brutal 48-hour downtime for Final Fantasy XIV are fading into distant memory as the playerbase basks on the shores of Dawntrail....
Everybody dies.

WoW Factor: MMORPG raiding is not special

You all remember The Incredibles, right? I know that these days the hot take is to try to spin the film as some sort...

Massively Overthinking: How ‘massively multiplayer’ do we expect MMORPGs to be?

Earlier in June on the MOP Podcast, Justin and I took a stab at answering the age-old question of what, exactly, constitutes an MMO....

DC Universe Online switches update days, readies summer event

DC Universe Online's latest game update isn't so much notable for what it contains -- it's a fairly minor patch -- but when it...
It's a fooler.

Perfect Ten: The MMORPG terms we use but never define, from murderhobo to sandpark

Over in Vague Patch Notes, I have an ongoing series of columns that I describe as being primarily about having useful notes for us...

Ship of Heroes has revamped all of its NPC voices and added new ones

Heroic Games is continuing its efforts to bring modern features to indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes, as its latest dev blog explains -...

Crowdfunded superhero MMORPG City of Titans improves its Mac OS version

Here's some uplifting news for City of Titans fans and Kickstarter backers who've been using Mac OS: The dev team improved that version of...

Vague Patch Notes: Housing is really back in MMORPGs

I haven't really had anything to say about Guild Wars 2's upcoming Janthir Wilds expansion thus far because... well, I'm not our GW2 columnist,...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: MMOs where you travel back in time for some reason

We're all time travelers! We travel to the future at the rate of one second per second. Every single machine you will ever operate...
No, I will not use metaverse pictures.

Vague Patch Notes: Chasing the metagame in MMOs isn’t the metagame at all

So a few weeks back, I did a column on what the metagame actually is in MMORPG, and then I discussed how noob traps...

Massively Overthinking: If you lost your account in your main MMORPG, would you start over?

The other day, MOP's Justin came into our work chat understandably nervous because he couldn't log into his Lord of the Rings Online account;...

Former City of Heroes developers talk design chaos, sequels, and the MMO’s enduring legacy

Last night, I happened to log into City of Heroes Homecoming just as the team was posting up the promised mega Q&A with former...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 471: A Gold Road to the promised Tarisland

Justin and Bree discuss Tarisland, Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road, Corepunk's alpha, WoW Classic Cataclysm, SWTOR, and Star Trek Online, with adventures in WoW, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on industry jargon, IGN's buying spree, and Embracer.