Aaaaand now there’s a new temporary City of Heroes rogue server up

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The Titan Network is negotiating to open a legal community-run City of Heroes server

Following the abrupt shut-down of the first City of Heroes rogue server yesterday, the game's community has been in turmoil as leaders urged...
I probably don't exist.

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Justin and Bree discuss City of Heroes, Atlas Reactor, Peria Chronicles, Torchlight Frontiers, Caravan Stories, Villagers & Heroes, and Star Trek Online.

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 It appears that the City of Heroes rogue server that was up in testing all weekend has already run into trouble with what...

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Ship of Heroes says it’s gonna have the ‘best UI in the galaxy’

While the superhero MMO community is buzzing about City of Heroes, serious work on its legal and modern spiritual successors continues, including

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You CAN play on the City of Heroes rogue servers you're about to see springing up. But should you? Our law columnist looks into the legalities of the City of Heroes emulation situation.

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It has been some time since we last checked in with Heroes and Villains, perhaps the most overlooked of all of the

The City of Heroes private server team has released its code [Latest update: The test server is live]

(This article has been updated since publication; updates are at the bottom!) Well, you wanted the City of Heroes private server code, and...

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Last night, following our podcast on the City of Heroes SCORE private server mess, I hung out on the SEGS Discord thanks to...

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Justin, Eliot, and Bree discuss the so-called "secret" City of Heroes SCORE private server slash emulator and why it has this long-running community up in arms.
It's gone.

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Kingdom Come is a 1996 DC Comics miniseries by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The central conceit of the story is that it...

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One of City of Heroes' multiple spiritual successors, Ship of Heroes, has come out with a statement of its own following

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