Profane ponders the effects of seasons, weather, and day/night cycles to gameplay

Yep, it's another Twitter thread from Profane. Yep, it's once again rather design document-like and vaporous. It's also something distinct and not often considered...

Albion Online’s massive fall update, Lands Awakened, is here

Albion Online's big fall update is finally here: Lands Awakened is officially live. As we've been chronicling, Lands Awakened is a sweeping overhaul of the...

Pixelart Ravendawn charges into Alpha 3 – check out the new trailer

Massively OP readers know that we like to pull for the little guys trying to make a name for themselves in the MMORPG industry,...

Pokemon Go company Niantic raised more cash to join the metaverse race

If your inbox looks like mine, you're already pretty dang tired of the word metaverse and the chorus of hucksters and grifters currently trying...

PSA: Albion Online’s Lands Awakened update is moving your toons and deleting some open-world furniture

Tomorrow's the big day for Albion Online's Lands Awakened, and in a way, it's also moving day for your toon and your stuff. Sandbox Interactive...

Choose My Adventure: Cobbling together a death brick in Avorion

You know how your first construction job in a survival sandbox is a perfectly functional but spectacularly hideous in terms of aesthetics? That was...

Guild Wars 2 offers a spoiler-free tour of the spoiler-filled Jade Sea zone

Guild Wars 2 was facing a problem. The devs of ArenaNet wanted to show off the Jade Sea area to their players, but the...

Beta impressions: Babylon’s Fall is a fun co-op looter-slasher in need of some release polish

Here is a funny story that is also entirely true. Square-Enix PR reached out to us to see if we were interested in covering...
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Perfect Ten: 10 things I’m looking forward to in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

So, life comes at you fast. When I originally planned this column out, this was going to be the week of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker...

New World goes Into the Void with today’s huge November update

If you were wondering when New World's big November update was finally going to drop, wonder no more: It's this morning. The servers are...

Elyon adds a new clan map in today’s patch, postpones new 10-person raid

It's patch day over in Elyon, and this one's actually a relatively meaty one for this still-got-that-new-car-smell MMORPG. "With today’s patch we’re bringing a new...

Guild Wars 2’s Jade Sea ‘powers the Canthan empire’ in End of Dragons

I know that the Kurzick faction was the most popular in Classic Guild Wars, so there's probably more nostalgia overall for Echovald. But my...

Tamriel Infinium: A very Elder Scrolls Online wish list

Wish lists: We all have one for our regular MMORPGs. I mean, how can you not when you're playing a game for so long?...

ARK Survival Evolved preps Lost Island, Fjordur as the next big destinations

Currently, the wild and wooly island of ARK: Survival Evolved is in a transition period between the successful first game and its upcoming sequel....

MechWarrior Online showcases a new map and future update plans, promises code of conduct review after transgender banning row

MechWarrior Online made headlines at the beginning of October for all of the wrong reasons after developer Piranha Games banned and then unbanned players...

No, Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons won’t have playable Tengu

Have you ever returned to an old park or neighborhood that you haven't been to since your childhood and found it simultaneously super familiar...

The MOP Up: Valve’s Steam Deck gets delayed to 2022

Bad news for those among you who were hoping to play some MMOs on Valve's Steam Deck this holiday season: The company announced that...

Guild Wars 2 postpones second WvW beta, preps Echovald Wilds preview

I'm afraid there won't be a Guild Wars 2 WvW beta test this weekend, so rearrange your schedules. ArenaNet let everyone down gently on...

New World isn’t adding a minimap, but it’s tentatively allowing third-party map mods

Yesterday, we covered claims by the New World community that Amazon was banning players for using minimap mods - claims that Amazon strongly denied....

Simutronics’ Galahad 3093 launches a third open beta this weekend

Earlier this year, we covered the reveal of Galahad 3093, a mech-themed hero shooter from Simutronics, a veteran online gaming company probably best known...