Warframe previews new weapon, new character, and new areas coming in December’s Whispers in the Walls

The month of December is dropping a whole lot of new things on Warframe players. That's because the sci-fantasy looter shooter is getting another...

The MOP Up: Into the Echo’s crafting ties into exploration and socialization

Upcoming time travel MMO Into the Echo posted a high-level overview of its crafting system, saying that it'll be necessary to make spells and...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six very tiny LOTRO details that I love

It's a sign that you're a passionate fan of a franchise when you get so familiar with the source material that small details delight...

Lord of the Rings Online players speculate on possible zone expansions

Here's something fun for Lord of the Rings Online players today: an annotated map of Middle-earth showing both the zones added to the game...

Early access co-op horror title Lethal Company tops Steam’s sales charts and rakes in over 100K players

By now most gamers of all stripes have heard of Lethal Company, a multiplayer co-op title from solo developer Zeekerss that casts players in...

Choose My Adventure: Character and comfort levels continue flowing in Tree of Savior

I don't know whether I really like Tree of Savior yet, but I also have to admit that the dopamine hit of making it...

World of Warcraft may be considering a Vampire Survivors-style bullet hell mode

World of Warcraft seems hell-bent in destroying any predictive bingo cards for 2023. At the tail end of a year of surprises, the fantasy...

Kickstarted superhero MMORPG City of Titans releases new test build with massively expanded map

Big news for superhero MMORPG fans today, as the crowdfunded City of Heroes spiritual successor City of Titans has released a new development update...

RuneScape pits players against an evil dragon in the Battle for Forinthry update

The fight against a very grumpy giga-lizard was already foretold, and this week will bring that battle to life, as RuneScape's new Vorkath, Battle...
Do you hear what I hear?

The MOP Up: How about Final Fantasy XI’s new Vana’Bout?

Final Fantasy XI had a busy week with a November patch, that "includes changes to foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades, a new battlefield...

First Impressions: Warcraft Rumble is a slick but shambolic multiplayer romp

I won't say that Warcraft Rumble was at the top of my most-anticipated games of 2024, but I've been low-key excited about this title...
This. They're this.

Massively Overthinking: Pervasive old MMO ideas that aren’t really true

A while back, Eliot and I were discussing one of his columns, in which he noted that in the eldest of the elder MMOs,...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Five Guild Wars 2 event farms to combat your labyrinth letdown

My favorite thing about Guild Wars 2's Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event is the Mad King's Labyrinth. There's nothing quite like it,...

Pax Dei announces ‘Home Valley’ alpha for next week, focusing on player housing

During its stream this afternoon, Mainframe Industries announced that it's kicking off the "first large-scale" alpha for sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei. It's set to...

Throne & Liberty elaborates on monetization and PvP concerns following its showcase video

Last week saw Throne & Liberty dish up its promised launch showcase video, which granted potential players around the globe a look at several...

RuneScape improves visuals, tweaks Dungeoneering, and readies another double XP event

RuneScape is hoping to look prettier - or at least less dated - thanks to the game's newst splash of visual paint this week,...

Corepunk shares player feedback from its playtest: ‘Challenging and punishing’

Overshadowed by a pretty busy news weekend was the fact that genre hybrid MMO Corepunk ran its second weekend playtest with a little over...
does this look lewd to anyone else

Flameseeker Chronicles: Hands-on with Guild Wars 2 Through the Veil’s Inner Nayos and convergences

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure was a bit of a different expansion in that it wasn't one big chunk of content dropped...

Exoprimal is introducing Monster Hunter cosmetics and a Rathalos fight January 18

The team-based PvPvE shooter Exoprimal already has players facing plenty of monsters in the form of swarms of dinosaurs, but when the game's Season...

Genshin Impact brings more story, two more characters, and more of the Fontaine map November 8

How do you stop a flood of water that's capable of dissolving an entire city and all of the people living there? That's the...