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Holy holy.

Betawatch: Overwatch 2’s release will be warm… and mandatory

So with all of the changes coming with Overwatch 2, maybe you were thinking of just sticking with the original version of the game...

Ship of Heroes will have another player housing test on July 22 with ‘radically improved’ feature updates

Ship of Heroes continues to be all-in on its player housing. Ahead of the game's next player housing beta test, which is planned for...

Fractured Online balances buffs and bolsters bosses in latest beta patch

Dynamight's Fractured Online continues to plug along in closed beta this summer, and it's pushed out yet another patch for testers as of today....

Indie MMORPG Genfanad’s $20K Kickstarter is fully funded, beta begins next month

A month ago, browser-based indie MMO Genfanad opened a modest Kickstarter - and as of this morning, it's fully funded. Developer Rose Tinted Games has...

WoW Factor: Looking at Dragonflight’s release schedule with math

It's been a really long time since we've gotten to have some math up ins. You know by this point that I really like...

Gaijin opens summer closed beta signups for ‘aquatic adventure MMO’ Age of Water

Remember way back in 2020 - I know, I'm sorry to make you do this - when Gaijin took the wraps off a new...

Dual Universe releases its Mercury update while it looks back at two years of beta

Followers of the sci-fi building sandbox Dual Universe have likely been hearing a lot about the Mercury update all this month, but now is...

Overwatch 2 has started its second round of closed beta testing

Have you been looking forward to a chance to dip your superheroic shooting toes into the closed beta of Overwatch 2? Then you're probably...

Warcraft Arclight Rumble’s mini talents are at the forefront of this week’s beta patch

Testing continues apace for Warcraft Arclight Rumble, Blizzard's attempt to bring the fantasy franchise to the mobile space. In this week's Beta Update 0.9.2,...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 379: Dinosaurs and Dragonflight

Justin and Bree discuss DDO's Isle of Dread, WoW Dragonflight, WoW Classic WOTLK, LOTRO, ArcheAge, No Man's Sky, and Trove, with adventures in LOTRO, SWG Leegends, and New World, plus mailbag topics on Horizons/Istaria and cool musical moments in MMOs.

Embers Adrift discusses server wipes, spellcasting, crafting, and endgame in weekly livestream

It's another week, and that means another livestream video from Embers Adrift, whose devs took several moments to talk about a variety of topics...

Downgraded sci-fi MMORPG Starborne Frontiers begins closed beta signups

Sci-fi MMORPG Starborne Frontiers has been on our radar a year now as the spawn of Iceland-based Solid Clouds, which as you could probably...

TeeTiny Online is a colorful cross-platform PC and mobile MMORPG currently in closed beta

When your gameplay preview video starts off with a character proudly prancing naked through the field, you know you're in for a ride. Welcome...

Valorant’s voice recording features arrive to NA on July 13 but won’t be used to fight toxicity – for now

Last May, Riot Games confirmed that Valorant would begin recording portions of in-game voice comms for the purposes of fighting back against toxic behavior....

Last Oasis pins down a July 5 date for beta testing of Season 5

Over the past couple of months, woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis has been banging the drum about its upcoming Season 5, springing back to...

Guild Wars 2 shares June 28 balance adjustments and WvW update progress

The future of Guild Wars 2 is being shared by the devs of ArenaNet as the team peers into crystal balls, casts bones carved...

Betawatch: Temtem outlines its launch monetization plans

The Temtem launch window is still a few months away, but the team behind the game has been keeping up a steady stream of...

WoW Classic begins Wrath beta, defends #SomeChanges design philosophy

Are you ready to return to the Northrend of your fathers? Or at least of "you but about 12 years ago?" Beta testing for...

Team-based building block FPS Block N Load announces a sequel, opens closed beta sign-ups

We haven't seen the team-based FPS Block N Load cross our news desk too often, but this shooter is most certainly still a thing,...

Not So Massively: Enduring Space Punks’ sensory onslaught

I've been meaning to check out Space Punks, the new isometric shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex, since it launched its...