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Betawatch: Nightingale heads into early access at last

After what feels like it has been forever - well, wait, that's not fair. Nightingale has actually been in not-early-access for a reasonable length...
Good car, bad game.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Final Fantasy XV collaboration next week

It's time to get back in the car, loser, because Final Fantasy XIV is going collaborating. (Note: this applies to people who are not...

Ultima Online plans a New Legacy beta by summer ahead of the launch this fall

So, where is the long-delayed Ultima Online New Legacy? We actually have something of an answer for you this time: Broadsword says it's aiming...

Cozy multiplayer sandbox Palia heads to Steam early access on March 25

If you've been watching Palia's journey through F2P open beta early access and wished you could just play the game through Steam instead of...

Zenith’s spin-off game Infinite Realms has begun its free open beta

Will today be the day that you decide to fling some blades at things before jumping through parkour courses in VR? Zenith's developers certainly...

Stormgate studio plans to sell company stock to its players in order to raise marketing funds

Normally when a company "goes public," it generally means that its executives are beholden to the whims of an investor board that almost exclusively...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG’s graphics hold up long past their due?

When Dark Age of Camelot first hit beta a million years ago, I remember being super impressed with its graphics. Up until that point,...

Tibia sees an uptick in updates as Tibia-inspired 3Dragons plans beta testing

Life over in the classic MMO Tibia has kept going for quite a while now, but things appear to have picked up quite a...
See? SEE?!

Betawatch: Islands of Insight launches straight out the gate

So it does not matter what you think about Islands of Insight because that game just launched. Do you know how long that game...

Dune Awakening’s February playtest will apparently be the largest Funcom has ever run

"Many of you have been asking about betas for Dune Awakening," Funcom's latest video about the survival MMO says. So surely that means it's...

Perfect Ten: The 10 phases of MMORPG pre-launch hysteria

One of my private theories about MMO players -- one I'm now making public -- is that we all have the collective memories of...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen answers player questions about its new seasonal update cadence

With Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen shifting its development method yet again to a six week-long seasonal cadence, players have once more come to...
Rock on.

Final Fantasy XIV increases weekly tomestone limits with patch 6.57

You know it's late in the life cycle of a Final Fantasy XIV expansion when the game uncaps your weekly tomestones as is happening...

MMO Week in Review: Skull & Bones departs drydock

Skull & Bones finally drifted into its soft launch open beta after eleventy billion delays and do-overs, and... it's actually not terrible? And it's...
head, shoulders, skull and bones (skull and bones)

Betawatch: Skull & Bones lands washes ashore in open beta at long last

If you didn't believe that Skull and Bones would ever hit open beta, or really any beta, you aren't alone. I have been making...

The Stream Team: Sailing the open beta seas of Skull and Bones

After seven worrisome delays, it's finally time for MOP's Chris to get his hands on the open beta of Skull and Bones! Will this...

Skull & Bones’ soft launch is underway for preorder players ahead of next week’s formal release

Ubisoft's long, long delayed pirate "co-op pirate open world action RPG" MMO Skull & Bones has finally set sail with a soft launch into...

Dune Awakening’s latest video snippet is all about playing both solo and with friends

Who here would like another vertically oriented video snippet out of Dune: Awakening? If you raised your hand, then you're probably reading this on...

Not So Massively: Stormgate isn’t delivering a revolution (yet)

Stormgate's marketing is laser-focused on studio Frost Giant's plan to deliver an "RTS revolution." With StarCraft II still popular but slowly waning as it...
He's a bit ouchy.

Mortal Online 2 opens up its test server for a new balance patch

It's frankly upsetting when you think of players on Mortal Online 2 who for too long have cowered behind shield, resolute and confident in...