patch notes

New World’s server transfers finally begin tomorrow if initial tests go well

More than three weeks after its rocky launch, Amazon's New World is finally ready to open server transfers - although it's not going to...

Trove’s newest patch reworks the Lunar Lancer and adds new dungeons and gear styles

Back when I was exploring Trove for Choose My Adventure, I had a lot of love for the Lunar Lancer, finding it an extremely...

Bless Unleashed’s Awakened update for consoles adds new blessings, weapon fusion, and harder bosses

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Bless Unleashed are going to be opening up new power and new faces to use that power...

Dauntless starts its Halloween event, launches a new hunt pass, and adds XP banking for max level weapons

The Dark Harvest looms overhead in Dauntless. As in it's nearly arriving to the multiplayer monster slaying RPG as part of the game's latest...

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis adds Halloween fun and the Bouncer with its latest patch

It's time to celebrate Halloween in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis! You might be wondering what the actual lore reasons are for the game...

Black Desert Mobile adds a powerful new totem and Black Desert PC kicks off multiple Halloween events

If it's Thursday, it's another bundle of Black Desert news. We'll begin with the latest update to Black Desert Mobile, which added the Primal...
Not the point.

Vague Patch Notes: All MMO play and no work makes Jack a dull boy

Here is my hard-hitting New World review: I haven't played it and don't have any urgent impetus to do so, but maybe it's great. It...

Albion Online’s latest patch updates various weapon lines and adds new header information for black zone maps

The Call to Arms update of Albion Online has gotten yet another patching in Call to Arms 11, with particular focus on combat balance...

New World’s update adjusts faction influence, but we still have no transfers

We've made it past the two-week mark since the launch of Amazon's New World, and this week, MOP's even kicked off a new column...

Racist spammers tried to ruin Fractured’s free-to-play fall alpha test

File this one under no good deed goes unpunished: Fractured's decision to open its fall alpha up to all comers has been rewarded with...

SWG Legends has brought back the Galactic Moon Festival for Halloween – with new stuff

Halloween has returned to Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends, though of course, there's much more to it than the original SOE festival...

Crowfall’s latest update adds preset archetypes and ‘substantial’ tutorial changes for new players

Players that are looking to get their start in Crowfall now have a number of new options as of the game's 7.200 update. Specifically,...

Vague Patch Notes: Anonymity is not why people are awful online

One of the intentions of the Vague Patch Notes column is to have a place to share things that we're going to need to...
Glade and bhoul.

Blade & Soul brings its Blade & Ghoul events around for another season of Halloween fun

It's the spookiest time conceivable for Blade & Soul once again as the annual Blade & Ghoul events roll onto the live servers once more....

Social life sim MMO Polity plans 2022 launch as closed beta marches on

Last spring, we covered a new-to-us MMO called Polity by Jib Games. It's essentially a Turkish indie social game that borrows ideas from The...

Aion EU releases patch notes and a livestream for the 8.0 update

The 8.0 update for Aion has been the talk of the game for a while now, both for the EU and NA versions, and...

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King is live – as is the bonus XP event

Happy Halloween, Tyrians: It's time to pay homage to the Mad King Thorn in Guild Wars 2 once again, and you've got until November...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 94 adds zone-wide vendor listings, new patterns, and fishing changes

The latest release for Shroud of the Avatar appears to be mostly aimed at the crafters, the gatherers, and the shoppers. For the shoppers,...

RuneScape’s Ninjas apply quality-of-life fixes as the game sells a bundle for World Mental Health Day

The start of the week for RuneScape is once again full of all sorts of different things for players in the game's latest update....

Crowfall tests 7.2 new player onboarding, outlines 7.3 update focus on smaller PvP content

The patches will keep on rolling in Crowfall, which isn't exactly news, but the content of those patches are what's news and are generally...