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Path of Exile retools expansion cadence and scope to avoid struggling from another ‘black swan event’ like COVID

If you followed our coverage of Path of Exile's Heist expansion, you already knew the fun fact that Heist was originally being...

Albion Online’s midseason patch, Brimstone & Mist, is live with new dungeon mobs

It's patch day for Albion Online - hope you like demons and fire and fish! Yes, the midseason update - Brimstone &...

Star Wars The Old Republic’s GU 6.1.4 update is live with the Feast of Prosperity

Who's hungry? Star Wars The Old Republic players better be because the Feast of Prosperity is live today in the just-launched GU...

New World has kicked off its fall alpha test today as patch notes point to reduced leveling speed

You might have forgotten, but Amazon has one more big New World alpha test lined up this year, and it's creeping up on...
The climb.

Final Fantasy XIV shows off its items for patch 5.35 alongside its upcoming Gold Saucer event

It's been a week since Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.35 arrived on the game's live servers, and now the patch notes have gotten...

Path of Exile previews its next Heist patch with bug fixes and QOL improvements

The next noteworthy patch for Path of Exile should be deployed soon, and it's all about the Heist league (as is usual for...
Burn me bro.

Vague Patch Notes: Managing the MMO message – and when to piss off your fans

Remember at the beginning of this year when Mark Jacobs managed to basically enrage everyone with his announcement of another game his company was working...

Dauntless teases gliders, Halloween, new islands, and a frosty new Behemoth in its roadmap

While most folks playing Dauntless are likely focused on farming the latest horrifying tree beast, the devs at Phoenix Labs are working...

World of Warcraft weathers a wild pre-patch launch night

After a very long wait for the servers to come back up yesterday, World of Warcraft officially jumped into the Shadowlands era...

Fallout 76 drops a huge bug fix patch, lays groundwork for Steel Dawn

Mutant radroaches may dominate the landscape of Fallout 76, but the truly insidious bugs are the ones that have been crawling all over...

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween 2020 is officially live

Shadow of the Mad King is back in Guild Wars 2 for the Halloween season of this hell year, and if you're...
Nah, you're gonna make it, buddy!

World of Warcraft launches the Shadowlands pre-patch today

As of today, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is over, because the Shadowlands pre-patch for the game has finally released! And there was...

Path of Exile brings on another round of Heist improvements in the latest patch

The turning of knobs and tweaking of dials for Path of Exile's latest League continues. Grinding Gear Games has offered patch notes...

Bless Unleashed has begun head start access on PS4 ahead of its October 22 release

We already knew that Bless Unleashed was making its way to PS4 players on October 22nd, but those who bought in to...

World of Warcraft’s free-to-level-20 edition is about to get a ton more content

With next week's World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch, the overall value of the game is about to take a jump up....

World of Warcraft drops Shadowlands pre-patch notes, merges Battle for Azeroth into sub

We've got a bundle of World of Warcraft news here to cap off your Thursday. First, if all the jeering for Battle for Azeroth...

Neverwinter allows for cooldown-free power swaps on console with its latest patch

Don't you hate when you're playing Neverwinter on your PlayStation 4 and you realize you need to change your power setup but don't want...

Path of Exile begins the process of improving heists with its latest update

The devs of Path of Exile know that the titular heists of its recent League could use a bit of improvement, and...

Star Citizen opens update 3.11’s PTU build to all backers, with cargo decks, new weapons, and more

The test build before the alpha test build of Star Citizen -- a super alpha, if you will -- has now opened up...
Is that you, agony?

Wakfu launches Agony Unchained while outlining server merging plans

The latest update for Wakfu is off the chain. Or at least agony is off the chain, since it's literally titled Agony Unchained,...