patch notes

Enlisted gets a new map, new weapons, and better graphics in its Rzhev update

When a military location is historically known as a "meat grinder," you can probably expect things to get pretty intense, which means that players...

Diablo IV opens public testing of Season 5’s new activities and quality-of-life June 25

Diablo IV has barely had time to let its Season 4 release settle and it's already gearing up for Season 5, and if you're...
weird viera

Co-op raiding roguelike Rabbit & Steel adds a toybox mode that sets the table for mod support

Who wants to crack open a toybox in the fascinating and flashy raid boss roguelike Rabbit & Steel? That's just what's being offered as...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends begins Empire Day, grants player Medics species- & gender-change tools

Don't look now, but we're only a couple of weeks away from the 4th of July, which means a whole slew of MMOs figuring...
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Overwatch 2 welcomes Season 11 Super Mega Ultrawatch and its community crafted mode

Yesterday started Season 11 in Overwatch 2, but if you're the sort of person who prefers hard facts over a fluffy overview dev blog,...

Project Gorgon’s latest patch offers a new dungeon, horse racing, and harder hardcore living

Last week, we noted that indie MMORPG Project Gorgon was due for a foundational update this week, one that paves the way for even...
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Vague Patch Notes: Have a seat for your MMO

I could play Final Fantasy XIV on my PlayStation 5, but I don't want to. And as weird as it might sound, the reason...

The EverQuest Online Adventures Revival server is pushing onward toward a public release

EverQuest II's Anashti Sul server isn't the only EverQuest - or EverQuest throwback - making waves right now, as an MOP tipster reminded us...

Black Desert plans Heidel Ball watch party, deploys major combat and stat system update

This weekend is a big one for Black Desert, as Pearl Abyss is hosting Heidel Ball both inside and outside the game, and the...

EverQuest II’s Anashti Sul progression server is live with its 2006 throwback vibes

As promised and foretold, EverQuest II has a new toy as of last night, as its new progression server - the Origins server dubbed...

Skull and Bones latest S2 patch buffs the call-for-help and bounty systems

Early this morning, Ubisoft deployed Skull and Bone's latest update, the first post-season 2, unexcitingly named Y1S2.1. Of note, the studio has overhauled the call-for-help...

The MOP Up: Temtem goes neon as it spins down development

Temtem's Patch 1.7 arrived with the start of its Neon Reverie season, the game's last as development starts to spin down: "To close it...
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With June patch inbound, Project Gorgon is safe and will see content through at least early 2025

Project Gorgon got a lot of attention at the tail end of last year, owing to the fact that its husband-and-wife dev team -...

Vague Patch Notes: Housing is really back in MMORPGs

I haven't really had anything to say about Guild Wars 2's upcoming Janthir Wilds expansion thus far because... well, I'm not our GW2 columnist,...

Global Chat: So many questions about Guild Wars 2’s housing

With the news that Guild Wars 2 is adding homesteads in its next expansion, Nerdy Bookahs is not alone in asking a whole ton...

Lost Ark previews its Summer Heat raid-centric update, says to expect a slower content cadence this summer

As teased, Smilegate and Amazon have indeed given more info on Lost Ark's Summer Heat update, which launches next week on June 19th with...
meaty gear

Black Desert adds lifeskill gear upgrades while the mobile version gets a new region

For players of Black Desert Mobile, today's update is going to provide a whole lot of fun stuff within the new Donghae Province. Are...

Fallout 76 expands its game map to the south with today’s Skyline Valley update

What's happened to Shenandoah National Park in the aftermath of nuclear war? Players of Fallout 76 get to find out as the new Skyline...

EVE Online: Equinox launches today with a rejuvenated nullsec

EVE Online's big summer expansion, Equinox, is here to "rejuvenate nullsec" and give players some new ships to enjoy. To celebrate, CCP is granting...

EVE Online shares Equinox patch notes, talks quality-of-life, confirms phased rollout of sovereignty features

The Equinox content update is just around the corner for EVE Online players, which means that CCP Games is kicking out a couple of...