Black Desert’s 300v300 War of the Roses elite PvP battleground begins this week


If mass PvP is your jam, Black Desert has some violent delights for you in the form of War of the Roses, live on PC today ahead of the season start this weekend. War of the Roses is a 300v300 PvP battleground meant for “high-end players and guilds,” with an emphasis on tactics and strategy and siege weaponry (instead of, we assume, mere zerging).

“To win the War of the Roses, Adventurers must team up to storm the opponent’s castle, defeat the opposing commander, and claim victory,” studio Pearl Abyss explains. “The first faction to achieve this feat will be adorned with the prestigious Rose crown, symbolizing their mastery on the battlefield.”

“Infantry can seamlessly navigate the battlefield, attack the enemy guild in hand-to-hand combat, and dominate the field of war by controlling sanctums. Lieutenants and commanders can access specialized controls and communication tools with a real-time, top-down map to maneuver allies and orchestrate strategies and counter offensives. The path to victory is teeming with all-new features, ranging from piloting terrifyingly strong siege vessels to fresh faction skills, and beyond. Only one faction will emerge victorious, etching their name in Black Desert history as the triumphant victors of the War of the Roses.”

Notably, even if you lose this game of thrones, you’ll still pick up “significant” rewards for participation. Patch notes are already up, heralding tweaks to make resurrection less frustrating and the start of the regular WOTR season coming July 14th for all regions.

If you’ve somehow made it this far without a Black Desert account, good news: The game is just a buck on Steam at the moment.

Source: Press release, patch notes
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