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The studio building Black Desert.

Global Chat: Moar MMO rogue servers, please!

In the MMO genre, we've been blessed with many great rogue server projects -- but there's always room for more, right? MMO Fallout's Connor...

Black Desert tweaks Black Spirit skills and Red Battlefield ahead of Lunar New Year events

It's patch day over in Pearl Abyss' Black Desert PC version, plus we're just two weeks out from the Lunar New Year, which means...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 356: A long time from now in a galaxy far, far away

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO, Star Citizen, Black Desert, Elyon, and Neverwinter, with adventures in LOTRO, Crowfall, and Elder Scrolls Online, plus voicemail topics on alienating MMO design choices and new MMO crafting professions.

Black Desert claims a 230% increase in new western daily players on PC thanks to class reboot

Back in December, Black Desert implemented a major reboot of all of its classes in the PC version of the game, alongside the launch...
Sure, fine, whatever.

Black Desert Mobile launches events to fight bosses, grow account characters, and celebrate bagels

Sure, there are events that involve beating down foes or logging in, but have you ever dared to dream of an event that celebrates...

PSA: Black Desert Mobile is once again offering rewards for Prime Gaming members

Are you a player of Black Desert Mobile? Do you have an Amazon Prime account that you forgot to unsubscribe to? Then you've got...

Black Desert’s patch today ‘rebooted’ every single class in the game

The promised class overhaul update has arrived in Black Desert's western PC version as of today. Reboots have come to literally every single one...
Now we're gundagood.

End-of-Year Eleven: The best MMO updates and expansions of 2021

Some years are just bulkier than others when it comes to updates for existing MMOs. That's the nature of the beast. Some years just...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2022

OK folks, it's that time of the year again: the time when we cast our eyes ahead and try to pinpoint what's going to...

Black Desert posts small pre-class rebalance update, opens music competition

Black Desert's in between two major December happenings: the major reveals of Calpheon Ball last weekend and the class reboots on PC next week....

Black Desert unveils a new region for PC, dates class reboots for PC and console, and announces the Eclipse class for mobile

This past weekend saw the Calpheon Ball event for Black Desert arrive to fans of the MMORPG, and as usual the presentation was full...

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of MassivelyOP’s 2021 predictions

Last year's MMORPG predictions didn't exactly go to plan, since in 2019, we weren't really expecting 2020 to play out the way it did....
Nin Nin

End-of-year Eleven: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2021

Healthy MMOs are a good thing. They have smooth, glossy coats, strong teeth capable of snapping bone, a full-throated call, and it just occurs...

Black Desert marks two years on mobile, tweaks a summon scroll on PC, adds Valencia Node and Conquest Wars on console

Once again, Black Desert is awash with news for the week across every version, so we'll cut this lede short and dive right in....
two to the one to the one to the three

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best character – not gear – customization?

We're gonna be starting up our regular end-of-the-year shenanigans in December, including our annual awards closer to the middle of the month. But one...

Black Desert adds a card game on PC, suspends Red Battlefield on console, and dates the 2022 Calpheon Ball

It's time for another week of Black Desert news from all around the game's hemisphere, and this week PC players are being invited to...
Cool story, guy!

Black Desert kicks off Black Friday events and allows for easier new player gear upgrades

It's just about time for Thanksgiving, and that means that everyone should fall into a frenzied rush of consumerism the next day for Black...

Pearl Abyss discusses the advantages of creating its own graphics engine for DokeV and Crimson Desert

If you want something done right - or at least done to a degree of "right" that seems most appropriate for your game studio...

One Shots: Burn baby burn!

If you so happen to crest a ridge and look down to see that the world is literally on fire, don't panic. Not only...

Desert Oasis: Unearthing the origin story of Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss

On our side of the pond, the exploits of various popular video game companies and their founding are well documented. But when it comes...