Heidel Ball 2024: Black Desert is adding Seoul and the Dosa class, then going to the past


Given that Black Desert Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an event in the very town that inspired the game’s first city (Heidel), you’d expect things to be special — from the atmosphere to the announcements. And from the audience’s reaction at the Heidel Ball 2024 keynote address, Pearl Abyss delivered.

Coming to BDO in the near and slightly farther future are the addition of Seoul to the Land of the Morning Light content, a new class, guild changes, a 100 story dungeon, and a look at the future of the game — which is actually the past. Here are the main announcements in a nutshell (with a deeper look incoming!).

First up in the content pipeline is Land of the Morning Light Seoul. Players will reunite with companions from the first expansion and unlock eight new stories based on Korean Folktales, ultimately concluding the stories that took place in the previous expansion. At the same time, other features will be added, including new guild systems, a Palace Management system that lets players manage various production resources and nodes, and a new Primordial-grade weapon, Sovereign.

On July 3rd, BDO’s 28th class will enter the stage. Dosa is a very fluid martial artist, creating and using misty clouds as well as calling forth ethereal comrades. More details are on the way, but you can check out his moves in the trailer below.

Players will later wrap up the first chapter of Black Desert’s development, heading to the sequel to the Eternal Winter expansion named Mountain of Dawnbreak. This includes a dungeon composed of 100 floors, with each more challenging than the last. Then comes the Demon Land, where adventurers will face the revealed truths of this world. And that will be the true end of Illezra’s Story and of the first chapter of Black Desert.

Don’t worry, though; when one chapter closes, Pearl Abyss opens a new one. As the future moves forward, player will go to the past. The second chapter of Black Desert, involves heading back 1,000 years and experiencing the lands of of BDO in a very different era. Just wait until you see the barren desert of Valencia as a lush and verdant landscape!

More details on all of these are incoming, including insights and interviews. Stay tuned for more Heidel Ball 2024 coverage — including an amazing gallery of the real-life Heidel and the castle atop the village.

Pearl Abyss covered the press’ travel and lodging for Heidel Ball, including our writer’s; the studio neither obligated nor influenced our coverage.
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