One Shots: Watch out below!

Hey guy? Yeah, you might want to move a scootch to the left there. Little more. There, you got it. Now you're not about...

One Shots: I just got catfished

Catfishing used to be a delectable activity. Then the internet came along, and it turned into something dark and sinister. So let's applaud Final...

NetEase’s survivalbox Once Human readies a November beta test and projects a Q4 2023 launch window

Back in June we were aimed in the direction of Once Human, a multiplayer survival sandbox from developer Starry Studio and publisher NetEase that...
This should be obvious.

Wisdom of Nym: Reactions to the first Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 live letter

Let me start with the most trivial question possible first: Does Naoki Yoshida have a calendar? He has to, right? Early January 2023 is...

One Shots: Officially up to no good

Hey, I hope everyone had a good week of recovery from all of those MMO Halloween festivities because One Shots is back -- and...

NCsoft Q3 2022: Lineage W drives QoQ revenues, Guild Wars 2 had a great year

NCsoft's Q3 2022 financials are another tale of ups and downs. While the South Korean MMO company's revenues have declined for the last few...

Wild Terra 2 New Lands has officially launched as the sequel to 2017’s Wild Terra Online

As promised, Wild Terra 2, the sequel to sandboxy MMO Wild Terra, has officially launched on Steam today under the Juvty Worlds banner. The second...

Overwatch 2 promotes its first mythic skin while reducing legacy skin prices for former players

Dressing up your favorite Overwatch 2 character in shiny skins is likely what makes most players spend their money, and Blizzard is hoping that...
This is what I always wanted.

World of Warcraft shows off the Evokers ahead of the second half of the pre-patch next week

Next week will let players turn on the dragon-related firehoses in World of Warcraft, at least insofar as letting players make their very own...

SWTOR is launching Showdown on Ruhnuk with new planet and PvP overhaul by the end of the year

During its livestream last night, BioWare revealed Star Wars The Old Republic's next big thing: Game Update 7.2, Showdown on Ruhnuk, launching "winter 2022."...
This was a television show.

Perfect Ten: 10 metrics to check to gauge MMO success or failure

There are a lot of MMOs out there. How do you know which one of them is the most popular and therefore the best...

Diablo Immortal merged a ton of servers with today’s update

How well is Diablo Immortal doing right now? Well, we've had a couple of clues: Its global launch in June wasn't enough to rescue...

Neverwinter’s Northdark Reaches module is live on PC and console today

It's a huge day for PC players of Cryptic's Neverwinter, as the Northdark Reaches launches on the platform. There hasn't been a whole lot...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Wrapping up Guild Wars 2’s S1 reboot with episode 5, The Battle for Lion’s Arch

It's finally here! The most memorable, most important part of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 1 story. The moment we've all been waiting...

Choose My Adventure: Mist Legacy manages to somehow be both an idle and punishing MMORPG

When I first took a look into Mist Legacy during a livestream, I was both intrigued and charmed. The game basically looked and played...

This past weekend saw New World hit its highest player concurrency all year

Last week, as we saw New World's concurrency creeping up and up and up, we suspected that it would not only blow past the...
Oh my sweet summer child.

Kingshunt, a 5v5 arena battler, enters early access

Is it a game about a hunt for a king? About various kings who are hunting? About finding a shunt fit for a king?...
Notster Hunter.

Whatever happened to Noah’s Heart?

Remember Noah's Heart? Possibly not. The game launched in July promising an open-world MMO experience on both PC and mobile platforms, and if you're...

New World’s fresh start concurrency soars to 119K as Amazon adds 33 new servers

Well, if you were wondering whether fresh start would boost New World even more than Brimstone Sands, wonder no more: It definitely did. Yesterday afternoon's...

Astellia Online is back again as a crummy blockchain MMO called Astel of Atra

I'm sure you folks all remember Astellia Online: It was a South Korean import that launched here in 2019; we called it a "solidly...