EVE Echoes has spent 2024 pumping out events, balancing, new regions, new ships, and a cheater crackdown


Most of the EVE Online-shaped noise has been coming out of… well, EVE Online, particularly since its Equinox update went live and testing for the EVE Vanguard FPS portion continued. However, there is another facet to the weird gem of the space sandbox, and that is the mobile MMO EVE Echoes, and while its updates don’t make the biggest splashes in this gankbox’s pool, updates have been rolling out through 2024 all the same.

Updates have been arriving approximately twice a month or so, but some patches are obviously larger than others. Starting from February, there was a returning Wasteseeker Fleet event, followed by a balance pass, a full-on banning of rooted or jailbroken devices, a new region, and multiple updates to several existing features.

The most recent patch to Echoes arrived last week, which is headlined by the introduction of four new bomber battleships along with associated weapon modules, new nanocores, new skills, and new general units, among several other things. So while this mobile title might not grab all of the Capsuleering headlines, it’s most definitely being updated with content and support. Just not a whole lot of marketing.

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