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Fallout 76 may be flipping on its no-lockboxes vow

With only days to go until New Year's Eve, Bethesda has to redouble its efforts to run Fallout 76 right into the ground....

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2018

We've got a lot of awards going out over the next couple of weeks about the "best" and "biggest" of this and that. But...
It's a new time.

EVE Online updates players on its efforts in fighting against bots

Even in the cutthroat world of EVE Online, there are things you can't get away with, and one of those things is botting.

EVE Online’s December patch brings in wardec changes and continual login rewards

It's time for the last big update of the year for EVE Online, but it's a big one. The previously discussed changes...

EVE Online: Operation Permafrost, the Alaska cruise, and getting your wardec on

EVE Online is a hoppin' place right now, in spite of the Project Nova downer. For starters, holiday login gifts start rolling...

EVE Evolved: How could Project Nova live up to its true potential?

I think it's fair to say that EVE Online developer CCP Games hasn't had much success when it comes to avatar-based gameplay....

Ask Mo: The hits and misses of Massively OP’s 2018 predictions

As we do every year, today we're going to peek back at the horrifying outcomes of last year's MOP staff predictions for the genre and the games within it to determine how well we did. After all, what would be the fun of making predictions if we couldn't giggle over our guesses a year later? So did we nail it or fail it? And did you fare better? Let's find out.

Winter festivities descend on both classic EverQuest and EverQuest II

Daybreak is rolling Christmas out to its classic MMORPGs this week - yes, we call EverQuest I a classic, but really, EverQuest...
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EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for November

Didn't we just have an economic report from EVE Online? Yes, we did. However, that report from October came out late, while this...
The Grand Magistrix has power over time.

Perfect Ten: The healthiest live MMORPGs at the end of 2018

Another year is coming to a close! That means we're doing all of our usual end-of-year recaps, and that also means that we're once...

Toontown Rewritten’s latest player update buffs options and character movement

Massively OP's own Justin "The Game Archaeologist" Olivetti deep-dived the history of Toontown Online in his column just about a year ago, but...

Project Nova’s alpha is postponed indefinitely as CCP Games heads back to the drawing board

CCP Games has put the brakes on Project Nova, according to a message plastered on the company website today. The game isn't...

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO news stories of 2018

With the turn of every new year, I know we are entering unexplored territory in the field of MMO news. No matter what...

EVE Evolved: Where can EVE Online go from here?

Ask a hundred EVE Online players when the game was at its best and you'll get a hundred different answers. For some older...
Sure, explosions are great, but have you ever looked at graphs.

EVE Online releases its monthly economic report from October

If anyone is unclear as to why jokes are made about EVE Online being spreadsheets in space, perhaps you could point them to

Massively OP Podcast Episode 197: Crawl out through the fallout

Eliot, Justin, and Bree discuss FFXIV's Fanfest, Fallout 76, Hellgate, WildStar, plus patches for Black Desert, EVE, Secret World Legends, ArcheAge, TERA, and EverQuest II, with mail on MMO difficulty settings.

Take advantage of EVE Online’s double-training weekend

Boot up those neural implants, EVE Online capsuleers: CCP Games has announced that this weekend is a double-training weekend until November 19th....
It's right there.

WildStar sunsets November 28 – and it’s still dropping lore

Salt in the wound here: Carbine, or what's left of it, has released this week another leg in WildStar's meta plot and the...
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EVE Online’s Onslaught expansion is live with new content for PvE and PvP alike

EVE Online's Onslaught expansion is officially live this morning, with "a little bit of something for everyone" as MOP's own Brendan...

The Daily Grind: What one piece of advice would you give to new MMO players in 2018?

Over the weekend, CCP tweeted out a fun poll asking EVE Online players what advice they'd like to deliver to newbies: Insure...