EVE Online’s Tranquility server briefly buckles under the strain of over 36K concurrent players


This past Sunday was a very busy one for EVE Online. As first noticed by Noizy Gamer, the spaceship sandbox managed to hit a new peak player concurrency mark, with over 36K players in-game at two different points this past Saturday and Sunday, according to the EVE-Offline Tranquility tracker.

As is often the case when a server is being stampeded, thing weren’t always running smoothly: Noizy reported in-game project registrations were impeded, and the game’s official server status Twitter account confirmed some login issues plaguing the game that were resolved a few hours later.

EVE’s Twitter page was naturally quick to accentuate the positive, noting the busy weekend, calling out a first kill with one of the new ships added in Equinox, and throwing a spotlight over several player-made ship skins. After all, there are worse problems than “too many players” for an MMO to have.

sources: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), eve-offline.net
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