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Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

Vague Patch Notes: You are and are not who you are in MMOs

If you've never been hit in the face, you're not really prepared for when someone does it, much less when it's a fist instead...

Console LOTRO and DCUO’s huge playerbase: Everything we just learned about Daybreak thanks to EG7

MMO twitter has been ablaze since yesterday's announcement that Daybreak is being bought up in its entirety by Swedish games company Enad Global...

Massively Overthinking: Gratitude for the devs of the MMO genre

Thanksgiving conveniently falls on a Thursday every year, which means it's the perfect topic for our regular Thursday Massively Overthinking roundtable. I've asked our writers what they're grateful for in and around the MMO genre the last couple of years - and now we're gonna do it again.
Money talks.

EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for October

When you were young, did you imagine that grown-up work was all about looking at charts and hearing a man drone on about how...
All over again.

WoW Factor: A wild theory for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands

I don't have quite as much as I would have expected to say about Shadowlands so close to its launch. Part of that is,...

Massively Overthinking: No-thank-you bites in MMO gaming

One of the things I always try to have my kids do is take a no-thank-you bite of new foods. They have to at...
Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

EVE Online is getting some changes to torpedoes with its next update

When you fire a torpedo in EVE Online you would like it to have a notable impact. You are firing at a ship with...

EVE Pulse thanks players for PLEX for GOOD donations and shows off an updated jump clone panel

EVE Online has once more cobbled together a new episode of the Pulse, which rounded up the game's latest developments. As one...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ possible stolen identity

Have you ever had this happen: A new video game character is introduced in one of the world's most popular MOBA -- and it's...

Pearl Abyss Q3 2020: EVE Online’s revenues are up 45% YOY, Crimson Desert reveal coming in December

It appears it's been hard for many gaming companies to top or match their revenue earlier this year when many customers were captive audiences,...

CCP Games’ EVE Online community raised $135,500 for COVID-19 response through PLEX for GOOD

EVE Online is having a good run right about now. Not only is it busy enjoying topping its own Guinness World Records...

EVE Online releases supercarrier updates, dynamic bounties, and the revamped ESS

Over the past few weeks, EVE Online has been outlining a number of changes that were due to the game like bigger...
Money talks.

EVE Online on Pochven changes, renovation of the Jita trade hub, and more

It's time once again to get the Pulse of EVE Online, as in the latest news digest video straight from CCP Games...

EVE Online reports on the war in Delve and the Triglavian-occupied region of Pochven

EVE Online has released another episode of The Scope, the in-universe news show that reports on the goings-on in New Eden, and...
ha ha ship go brrrrr

EVE buffs up the Encounter Surveillance System to encourage player fighting even after taking out PvE bounties

The upcoming new Dynamic Bounty System for EVE Online gives players a reason to fight PvE pirates and earn bounties, with the game's...

EVE Online’s World War Bee 2 refreshed its hold over two Guinness World Records

It's officially official: EVE Online broke another Guinness World Record. Two of them, in fact, and it already held them, but now it...

That’s no moon, it’s EVE Online’s gigantic supercarriers!

Supercarrier pilots in EVE Online have a lot to smile about in anticipation of all of the love that CCP is going to...

The MOP Up: Soulworker fulfills your greatest desire

Soulworker Online delighted fans with a huge content update this past week that added something called "Desire Workers" and "SinForce." We'll let the game...

EVE Echoes plans Crimson Harvest events and module improvements next week

Halloween this year is invading space once again - yes, even in the still-got-that-new-car-smell EVE Echoes. In the mobile version of EVE, CCP...
No expression.

Massively Overthinking: Where is the line between buy-to-play, free-to-play, and subscription MMOs?

You might think this Massively Overthinking topic is way too obvious, but I assure you, it's not! Consider this: When the buy-to-play-with-no-sub