Tarisland’s global closed beta is finally underway on PC and Android


As promised, Tencent’s Tarisland officially enters closed beta today, with a PC open globally and an Android beta open for a more limited group of countries.

We’ve been watching the game since only January, when English-language media first picked up on Tencent’s new World of Warcraft clone just as WoW was coming to an end in China over the NetEase-Blizzard dispute.

Servers apparently came up at 4 a.m. EDT this morning and stay up for around a week. The official site reminds players they’ll have access to four maps (Ancash Canyon, SilverLit, SilverLit’s suburbs, and Misty Forest), seven classes (Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Barbarian, Priest, Paladin, Bard), five five-person dungeons with three difficulties (Library of Chaos, Camp Carlyan, Merfolk Swamp, Forest Altar, and Botanical Garden), and a chunk of the Root of Corrosion 10-person raid. The 10v10 battlegrounds will also be open.

Initially, players noticed that the closed beta invite linked to a version of the beta that anyone could download, install, and joined with a new account, regardless of closed beta invite status; however, either the test is full or Tencent caught on to the scheme as players are now reporting errors and “test full” messages.

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