Major Chinese investment house known to online gamers in the west for its stake in a number of western games, including League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

MMO Business Roundup: Embracer finishes restructure, Riot settles lawsuit, Ubisoft continues layoffs

Welcome back to another brief roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. Business business business! Embracer: Embracer has been a dumpster fire of epic proportions...

Tarisland’s latest beta preview video showcases the male Paladin class

The fact that Tencent's World of Warcraft-lookalike Tarisland has a Paladin class isn't a surprise, both because of the source material and because Tarisland...

Tarisland’s latest class preview video is all about the bow-firing Ranger

Who has a bow, long pointy ears, and an otherwise wild animal as a domesticated combat companion somehow? It's the Ranger of Tarisland, a...
I asked Bree if we could have Night Elves and she said we have Night Elves at home.

Tarisland looks at the Misty Forest in its latest map preview

Full marks to the Elves of Tarisland, they live in a place called the Misty Forest. That's it. Most Elves, they'd be calling the...
We have Anduin at home.

Tarisland opens registration as it ‘nears official release’ (but no the launch is not June 14)

You might wonder about Tarisland opening registration in preparation for launch, given how many do-overs for major game systems Tencent has talked up in...

Tencent’s multiplayer zombie survival RPG Undawn ‘flopped spectacularly,’ according to Reuters

Last June, Tencent introduced the world to Undawn, a mulitplayer survival RPG for PC and mobile that tasked players with trying to make it...

PUBG Mobile hands over the keys to Bentley Motors automobiles

Clearly, we all peel out of our mansions in the morning whilst driving this year's model from Bentley Motors. But just on the off...

Tencent’s Tarisland begins its next round of player testing… in China

The next phase of Tarisland's testing has begun overseas as Tencent announced on Discord that the Chinese test is now underway. As part of this...

Tarisland vows cross-platform play: ‘Your gateway to adventure is always open’

When Tarisland launches later this year, players will enjoy a wider degree of freedom to enjoy it on either PC or mobile. This cross-platform...

Tower of Fantasy launches its new Evangelion crossover content March 12

Soon, the worlds of Evangelion and Tower of Fantasy will cross over into one another for a mecha-piloting, angel-punching good time. Update 3.7: Evangelion...

Tower of Fantasy kicks off new events and casts another spotlight on new character Yanuo

Tower of Fantasy players may already have met Yanuo, the new simulacrum that was the headline of last week's update, but that isn't stopping...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening MMO is finally promising trailers and hype as Dune 2 hits theaters

Throughout the length of the Dune MMORPG's development, it's seemed weird that Funcom and Tencent didn't push harder to link the game more directly...

Nightingale teases storage and crafting QOL plans as players build away and reviews sit at ‘mixed’

A week into its early access launch, Nightingale studio Inflexion has very briefly addressed the community on how the rollout went - and what's next...

Emmy-winning composer Russell Brower talks about making Tarisland’s soundtrack

Whatever concerns or qualms you might have about Tencent's upcoming Tarisland, the soundtrack shouldn't be one of them. That's because the game signed on...

Survivalbox Nightingale pivots on co-op design, promises offline mode ‘as soon as feasible’

Just three days into its early access release, Tencent's Nightingale is already backtracking on its always-online philosophy: Inflexion has announced that it's working on...

Tencent’s Victorian gaslamp survivalbox Nightingale finally hits early access today

Noon-o-clock Eastern time today: That's when survivalbox Nightingale finally arrives to early access, and $29.99 will get you a copy and the download rush...

Tower of Fantasy showcases its frosty spear-swinging new character arriving February 20

She'll swing a spear around, cast several explosive icy spells, and smile right into your eyes as she does it. She's Yanuo, the latest...

Players rolled nearly 50K characters during Nightingale’s stress test last weekend

When Inflexion announced this week that it's planning to launch Nightingale's early access two days earlier than originally planned, it casually mentioned that it...

Tencent buys up majority stake of Swords of Legends developer and gains access to the IP

Tencent has walked over to another games studio and smacked it with its wallet, only this time it's a bit of a surprise purchase...

Nightingale, counting nearly 50K testers, is launching early access two days earlier than originally planned

Hope you didn't take the original launch date off because Nightingale's early access release has been pushed up two days. "Inflexion Games announced the launch...