Major Chinese investment house known to online gamers in the west for its stake in a number of western games, including League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Tencent’s teased UE5 MMORPG is codenamed To Jin Yong, a Wuxia open world headed for global release

Last week, Tencent was gearing up to unveil a new MMORPG, teasing that it would simply be an open-world title and built on Unreal...

Tencent teases the announcement of a new open-world MMO powered by Unreal Engine 5 next week

With all of the summertime games showcases fluttering around like tree pollen, it's probably easy to kind of lose track of one or two...

The MOP Up: MU Origin 3 ‘launches’ into open beta

The latest chapter of the MU saga is here, as MU Origin 3 launched its open beta this past week. Players can now check...

Tencent to cut off Chinese gamers accessing unapproved foreign titles through an internet speed booster

China's fervent steamrolling against gaming appears to be moving forward unabated, helped by major Chinese gaming companies that wish to stay on the government's...

Myth of Empires plans fast-progression season servers for April

Myth of Empires isn't letting that whole copyright infringement lawsuit get in the way of game development, oh no: Over the weekend, Angela Game...

Chinese regulators draft ‘youth mode’ requirement for online games and more

It appears that China's gaming industry still hasn't come close to hitting rock bottom. According to the South China Morning Post, China's Cyberspace Administration...

Victorian survivalbox Nightingale tantalizes with nightmarish concept art

The upcoming Victorian survival sandbox Nightingale has been on a concept art posting spree as of late -- and if these images are any...

Breaking down Tencent’s extensive holdings across the video game industry

Riot Games, Epic Games, Netmarble, and Kakao. What do these companies have in common? If you said that they're all companies we talk about...

Elite Dangerous boss promises Frontier won’t be bought out as Update 11’s release date shifts

With all of the news of video game studio acquisitions that flew around in the month of January, some longtime followers of certain studios...

MMO Business Roundup: The gaming industry reacts to the Ukraine crisis

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent business and industry news. Ukraine: First, there's no way around the news that Russia shelled and...

Nightingale studio Inflexion has been sold to Tencent – and it’s still launching this year

Tencent is apparently continuing its gobbling-up of all the games and studios you're interested in: Improbable just announced it's sold Inflexion Games to Tencent...

Funcom enlists the help of another co-developer to bring the DUNE multiplayer survival title to life

Back in December of last year, a press release from Funcom announced that the developing multiplayer survival sandbox based on the DUNE IP was...

Myth of Empires skirts the Steam DMCA takedown by selling the game directly

Apparently, Myth of Empires developer Angela Game is not going to let a little thing like being taken off of Steam and sued for...

Avatar: Reckoning looks like a mobile MMO with shooter vibes, backed by Disney and Tencent

If you are one of those people who's always wanted an MMORPG based on the movie Avatar and the world of Pandora, well, prepare...

Riot Games lays out five-year plan, partial ownership for employees

Yesterday, Riot Games' Nicolo Laurent released a length letter to workers and gamers, essentially outlining what the next five years of Riot will look...

Snail Games fires back at Myth of Empires’ lawsuit with countersuits of its own

In the middle of last December, Myth of Empires studio Angela Game fired off a lawsuit against Snail Games and Studio Wildcard, demanding that...

China’s continued freeze on new gaming approvals sees 14,000 gaming firms in the country shut down

The fight against the so-called "spiritual opium" of gaming by the Chinese government presses on into the new year. Readers will recall that a...

Remedy and Tencent team up on co-op PvE shooter codenamed Vanguard

Remedy Entertainment isn't a particularly well-known studio around our corner of the gaming world, as the studio is more well-known for single-player games such...

Funcom’s DUNE MMO is still happening, just picked up a co-developer: NUKKLEAR

Yesterday I happened to be working on an article looking back at our predictions for the year when I stumbled across one about Funcom's...

Regulators in China and the UK turn their eyes toward streaming, gaming currency

China isn't content to bulldoze its own local gaming industry by freezing game approvals, blocking kids from gaming outside of tiny windows, and freaking...