Tarisland provides new footage of the new gender-unlocked male Mage


Fellas in Tarisland can weave spells and wear swish-looking coats and robes. As a treat. That’s right, the MMORPG is showing off what the male Mage class looks like, this time in video form, and if you were expecting someone who looks handsome and sassy while wielding explosive power, then you were right. Even if that would have been an easy bet.

The preview really is that simple: It’s roughly 40 seconds of the Mage class as he shows off as he does in character selection, along with some tight shots of his gear and a few looks at him running through various zones in the MMORPG.

As regular followers already know, the gender unlocking of the Mage and the Paladin was already announced by Tencent a while ago, with more unlocking to come post-launch. But just in case you were looking forward to expressing male identity and expelling fireballs at enemies, that is a confirmed option you can look at now.

source: Twitter
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