Tarisland says male mages and female paladins are the next step in gender-unlocking


We’re down to the last of Tencent’s announced dev blogs for Tarisland focusing on how the studio has tweaked the game between the last test and the impending technical test planned for the end of May – all thanks to player feedback.

“It’s been over a year since we officially announced the product back on January 2023,” the studio says. “Since the inception of the Tarisland dev team, there has always been an unwritten rule: We must take all the players’ suggestions and complaints and address them in a positive way. We know all too well that the game industry is not all about traffic any more. Our top priority is to focus on humbly listening to suggestions, creating a great game, and providing top-notch services. Here, we would like to appreciate all the adventurers out there who have been by Tarisland’s side, whether cheering us on or giving us tough love.”

As for the response to that tough love, the team says it will add more rewards for challenge mode and dungeon achievements, add speedrun rankings for said challenge mode, add new “top-tier appearance rewards,” develop more dungeons and PvP content, improve the overall user experience – especially on mobile, and add skill macros for mobile players who want to raid or PvP. What will probably catch your attention fastest, however, is confirmation that the male Mage and female Paladin will make it in at launch as part of Tencent’s overall gender-unlock plan, which won’t be finished before the release.

“The long-awaited dual-gender classes are finally making their debut! Male mages and female paladins will be the first to hit the scene, followed by other classes to complete the line.”

Source: Discord
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