MassivelyOP’s Stream Team streams new and old games every week on our Twitch channel and here on OPTV.

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Here’s our upcoming schedule – all times are in US Eastern:

December 1, 2021
2:00pm: Final Fantasy XIV - Chris
December 2, 2021
9:00pm: Neverwinter - MJ
December 3, 2021
8:00pm: AQ3D - MJ
December 4, 2021
2:00pm: Conan Exiles - MJ
December 5, 2021
12:00pm: Dauntless - Chris
December 8, 2021
2:00pm: Century Age of Ashes - Chris
December 10, 2021
3:00pm: Neverwinter - MJ

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The Stream Team: Seeing (and snuggling) Guild Wars 2’s siege turtles

Siege turtles. Need we say more? No! For Massively OP's MJ, that's good enough to make her dive head first into Guild Wars 2's...

The Stream Team: The siren call of corrupting gear in Path of Exile’s Scourge

Massively OP's MJ may not be the fondest of the timed mini berserker battle mechanic in various Path of Exile leagues, but she does...

The Stream Team: Socially sanctioned Black Friday slaughter in Warframe

Some people seem to go wild and get crazy violent while trying to rip deals off the shelves on Black Friday. That's always bad....

The Stream Team: AdventureQuest 3D’s Darkest Black Friday yet

Massively OP's MJ may exude sunshine and smiles, but she loves the darkness! And AQ3D calls this Black Friday its darkest ever. That means...

The Stream Team: Time for Trove’s Turkeytopia!

The turkeys are loose in Trove again! Turkeytopia has returned, and along with this main dish is a heaping serving of Friendsgiving. Massively OP's...

The Stream Team: Night at the Sith museum in SWTOR

It's Night at the Museum in SWTOR! Massively OP's Larry and MJ are heading to the Arcanum, a museum filled with plenty of stuff...

The Stream Team: A Ramsgiving feast in Dauntless

It's time once again for MOP's Chris to hop in to the world of the Shattered Isles for that most traditional of holidays: Ramsgiving!...

The Stream Team: Setting sail with The Swimming Oak for EverQuest II’s prelude event

Word is there's an anniversary today. Not for EQII, mind you, but this is the game Massively OP's MJ will play, so play she...

The Stream Team: Undaunted adventures in Elder Scrolls Online

Currently, Elder Scrolls Online is running an Undaunted Celebration event. That's just a fancy way of saying zipping through dungeons for lots of loot...

The Stream Team: Putting on the spooky glove in New World

What happens when MOP's Chris is given a glove with spooky new powers? He runs into the wilderness to use it on zombies and...

Guild Wars 2 offers a spoiler-free tour of the spoiler-filled Jade Sea zone

Guild Wars 2 was facing a problem. The devs of ArenaNet wanted to show off the Jade Sea area to their players, but the...

The Stream Team: Blaze’s birthday bash in AQ3D

What could make Massively OP's MJ change her AQ3D day? A Blaze birthday bash! To celebrate Blaze's latest evolution around the sun, MJ will...

The Stream Team: Trying out the new onboarding experience of Warframe

MOP's Chris has tried out Warframe a couple of times before, but every time it ends up being a bit confusing. With the game's...

The Stream Team: A trip to the Astralarium in Guild Wars 2

After making it through all the lightning of the dragon fight, it is time for Massively OP's MJ to move on to GW2's Istan...

The Stream Team: Back to Blackwood in Elder Scrolls Online

After Massively OP's MJ endured a forced break from Elder Scrolls Online's new Blackwood expansion, she's now behind the times. In fact, the final...

The Stream Team: Going for a multiplayer drive in Forza Horizon 5

Care to go for a ride in Mexico? MOP's Chris is strapping in for some multiplayer racing in the open world of Forza Horizon...

The Stream Team: Securing spooky space squash in Astroneer

Fall fun isn't only for terrestrials! There's plenty about the season to enjoy in space, especially when EXO Dynamics is involved. Massively OP's MJ...

The Stream Team: More Masquerade unmasking in AQ3D

The party isn't over yet! Massively OP's MJ only made it part way through the unmasking at the Masquerade Ball, so she's going to...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online Reflections giveaway

Are you a fan of the Mirror universe? As problematic as it can be, there's adventure and fun to be had as folks...

World of Warcraft has unveiled its 9.2 update: It’s called Eternity’s End

Blizzard abruptly announced yesterday that it would be unveiling the next content update for World of Warcraft Retail's Shadowlands expansion arc today at 1...