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Diablo IV internal test build gets a 2.0 version designation, suggesting work on its first expansion

Are you ready to soar into the skies of wild presumptions and lofty assumptions? Then feast your eyes upon the latest scuttlebutt out of...

Datamining uncovers potential details about World of Warcraft’s next expansion

As BlizzCon inches ever closer, players of World of Warcraft continue to ponder where the MMORPG's next expansion is headed. Some of that pondering...

Rumor: EA will stop supporting Wild Hearts just half a year after release

This past February saw Wild Hearts, a cross-platform multiplayer monster hunting game from developer Koei Tecmo and publisher Electronic Arts, make its debut to...

Rumor: Tencent is apparently publishing the mobile version of Blue Protocol

Tech outlets are abuzz this morning as apparently Blue Protocol's mobile edition is still happening, and Bandai Namco has tapped Tencent to run it. As...
BANNED, you're all BANNED.

Epic Games job posting offers first word of a Fortnite ‘open world survival crafting game’

If segments of the technology sector have proved anything, it's that it likes to try to spin old things as brand-new. That argument could...

Rumor: RuneScape studio Jagex might be up for sale again, the fourth time in less than a decade

The uproar over RuneScape's new monetization mess has a new angle today as apparently the future of UK-based Jagex is up in the air. According...

Wizard101 rolls out multiple teases for a new Wallaru location over the weekend

What is Wallaru? Where is Wallaru? We're not sure, but we do know that it has something to do with Wizard101, as the MMORPG...

Kakao partially denies report that ArcheAge will sunset following XLGAMES restructure

Korea's Money Today News has a disturbing scoop on turmoil at XLGAMES that appears to mean layoffs inside the studio - and a closure...

Rumor: Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard are negotiating an extension on their merger deal

So it's July 18th, and you know what that means: It's national caviar day! And also national sour candy day! (Don't use these things...

Localized tooltips appear to have leaked New World’s next weapon

The recent season two patch for New World also brought with it a bit of a spoiler for the fall season: The next weapon...
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Rumor: Guild Wars 2’s next expansion name appears to have leaked thanks to Steam and the USPTO

Awww, we were hoping the days of Guild Wars 2 leaks were finally past us, but this latest leak - purportedly of the next...

Guild Wars 2’s presumptive summer expansion teaser raises more questions than answers

Following the launch of Guild Wars 2's What Lies Within episode yesterday - and you can read all about that in our hands-on in...

Whatever happened to Star Citizen’s Squadron 42? Well, you can’t buy it right now

When we wrote about Star Citizen's alpha 3.19 release, a couple of our readers pointed out in the comments that the pledge/purchase button for...

Rumor: What the heck is Riot’s ‘Project T’?

If you've spent any time surfing Riot's hiring ads or press releases, you probably know that the company has a whole lot of multiplayer...

Diablo IV hints that a possible extra open beta test is coming soon [Update: Yep]

Diablo IV is up to something sneaky. You can tell because the game's Twitter account has been dropping some hints that seem to suggest...

Rumor: Throne & Liberty has been delayed to fall 2023, CBT arrives in May

Korean media are reporting today that NCsoft's Throne & Liberty has been delayed yet again, though of course since we've been waiting since 2014...

WoW Classic’s permadeath community may be prompting Blizzard to create a new ruleset

While the thrill and buzz around WoW Classic has fallen off sharply in the past half-year, there's a segment that's actually on the rise...

New website for Eden Eternal goes live briefly along with plans for a Q2 global re-release under X-LEGEND

Back in February 2021, we watched as Eden Eternal became another victim of Gamigo's massacre of MMORPGs under its umbrella. That appeared to be...
Gusts 'n' stuff

World of Warcraft datamining suggests patch 10.0.7 will arrive in early April

World of Warcraft's most recent expansion, Dragonflight, arrived in late November. So when is the next major patch arriving? Later. When is the next...

Activision-Blizzard is stuck with Bobby Kotick if the FTC blocks Microsoft’s takeover

We noted last week that a lot of gamers who traditionally distrust the increasingly oligopolistic gaming market situation were still hoping to see Microsoft...