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Leaks spring forth from Valve’s new in-development competitive hero shooter Deadlock

Were you hoping that Valve would figure out how to count to three or address the long-suffering TF2 playerbase? Well, put those hopes down...

Amid release date rumors, Tarisland promises ‘exciting updates soon’

I don't know if you've noticed, but Tarisland has been kinda weird lately. Updates and announcements and test news out of Tencent has slowed...

Vitae Aeternum: So just what is New World’s big June announcement?

For the past few months, Amazon Games has repeated the same mantra in regards to New World's future: Wait for the announcement in June....

Rumor: Bungie is (or at least was?) supposedly working on Destiny 3

According to reporting on multiple websites this morning, Bungie wasn't just blowing hot air during yesterday's The Final Shape stream when the studio's Luke...
re-mess up the remix

NetEase and Blizzard ink deal to revive World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, and Diablo IV in China

(As of late tonight, Blizzard has officially confirmed the rumors. Our original post follows, and we've updated with the official news at the end.) It's...

Palia studio Singularity 6 has been hit by layoffs – 35% of the team impacted

(This article has been updated with S6's statement at the end; the original piece is as follows.) Palia studio Singularity 6's frustrating deceptions regarding the...

Microsoft prepares to talk about Xbox’s future in a podcast as multi-platform game rumors swirl

The past several weeks have been some apparently nervous ones for those whose online personas are devoted to Microsoft in general and Xbox in...

Rumor: Sea of Thieves may be coming to other consoles

Here is a dollop of spicy rumor to float in your grog: Sea of Thieves may be coming to the PlayStation and Switch in...
Maybe? Maybe not.

Job listings suggest Sony’s Horizon MMO aka Project Skyline is actually happening

It was a little over a year ago that we first reported that Sony and NCsoft possibly were teaming up to create an MMORPG...
Popcorn appropriately.

Rumor: With Kotick gone, Blizzard and NetEase might repair year-long rift over China publishing

Readers likely remember that 2023 started off with a tire fire as Blizzard and NetEase had a particularly nasty dissolution of a licensing deal...
Yes, this is one of the few cases wherein EA kinda gets to be the good guys.

BioWare’s Anthem sold 5M lifetime copies, according to leaked stats

Here's a stat line that will make you probably feel slightly aged like a fine wine or a banana ripe for being made into...

Vitae Aeternum: Predicting New World’s 2024 roadmap

Every year, the Massively Overpowered staff gathers to make predictions for the year to come in MMORPGs. But I have so many thoughts on...

Skull and Bones is now targeting February 2024 for its launch following eleventy billion delays

Insider Gaming is reporting that Ubisoft has finally narrowed down Skull and Bones' launch date to February 16th, 2024. And believe it or not,...

World of Warcraft may be considering a Vampire Survivors-style bullet hell mode

World of Warcraft seems hell-bent in destroying any predictive bingo cards for 2023. At the tail end of a year of surprises, the fantasy...

NetEase secures new trademark for Sword of Justice, aka the wuxia MMORPG Justice Online

Perhaps there's some market in our corner of the globe that's hungry for a wuxia-styled MMORPG, or perhaps NetEase is hungry for that western...

Diablo IV leak hints at a new class and region for the game’s first big expansion

Blizzard has a reputation for being leakier than a sieve ahead of its reveal events, but the Diablo IV info hitting the internet today...
Space boats.

Whatever non-layoff thing is going on at Cryptic sounds ominous and we don’t like it

Disturbing and confusing news for Cryptic and its MMORPGs - chiefly Star Trek Online and Neverwinter - has erupted across social media today following...
Want to look cool, do we?

Diablo IV internal test build gets a 2.0 version designation, suggesting work on its first expansion

Are you ready to soar into the skies of wild presumptions and lofty assumptions? Then feast your eyes upon the latest scuttlebutt out of...

Datamining uncovers potential details about World of Warcraft’s next expansion

As BlizzCon inches ever closer, players of World of Warcraft continue to ponder where the MMORPG's next expansion is headed. Some of that pondering...

Rumor: EA will stop supporting Wild Hearts just half a year after release

This past February saw Wild Hearts, a cross-platform multiplayer monster hunting game from developer Koei Tecmo and publisher Electronic Arts, make its debut to...