Diablo IV leak hints at a new class and region for the game’s first big expansion


Blizzard has a reputation for being leakier than a sieve ahead of its reveal events, but the Diablo IV info hitting the internet today isn’t so much an own-goal website leak as it is a datamine of a leaked technical alpha build from the game’s private test server that points toward details of the game’s first expansion.

Spoiler warning ahoy.

The leak suggests that Blizzard is testing a new nature-themed glaive-wielding class called the Spiritborn, a Diablo III-esque mercenaries system, runestones, the five-wing Tomb of Akarat raid, and the Kurast region, with a storyline featuring Mephisto as the lead baddie.

While it might serve the leakers right if Blizzard had planted all this as a false trail or marketing stunt, some parts of the leak are backed up by a supposed leak earlier this month that also described the same class and some of the same content.

Either way, we won’t have long to wait for confirmation or debunking as we’re expecting reveals at BlizzCon next month.

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