EVE Online shares Viridian’s new ships and structure personalization, debuts documentary and new house band

With EVE Online's Viridian expansion going live this month, the hype shuttle has begun to be piloted by CCP Games as it details some...

Massively on the Go: Five features location-based MMOs keep using – but shouldn’t

I was hoping to cover a couple of other location-based games besides Jurassic World Alive this month, but as I played them, there were a...

Massively Overthinking: Are we in an ‘MMO hype vacuum’?

James "MMO Folklorist" Crosby recently penned a piece using a term that seems so apt I feel we should all adopt it: the MMO...

Warframe sells out of TennoCon physical tickets but promises free virtual access

For Warframe players, we've got a bit of the ol' good news/bad news mix to deliver at the end of the week here. Let's...

Toontown Rewritten’s fan festival will host original Toontown Online devs on panel

At the top of the year, we shared the news of an in-person return for ToonFest, a fan festival for Toontown Online that is...
This is going great.

BlizzCon 2023 has been announced for November 3-4 in Anaheim

Well, here we go. The past couple of years have not featured a celebration of Blizzard as a company because... well, we have a...

Star Citizen alpha 3.19 launches with mining and salvage updates, new tutorial, and new PvP event

The self-described Call to Adventure is being sung by Star Citizen, which serves as the subtitle for the newly released alpha 3.19 build, which...

Star Citizen confirms its next free fly event for May 19, talks alpha 3.19’s mining and salvage updates

In the lore of Star Citizen, the United Empire of Earth is a democratic empire of human star systems that often leans heavily on...

Star Citizen shows off development progress on its next indoor kart racetrack

Last August, Star Citizen showed off the surprise reveal of indoor kart race tracks, which started life as a pet project done by some...

Pax Dei demos nighttime housing gameplay, teases ‘high-stakes PvP’ and PvP building

Earlier this week, the devs of upcoming sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei posted a video and FAQ all about the game's buildable housing. Now, Mainframe...

BlizzCon 2023 is still happening, Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra tells Twitter fans

Blizzard's fan-centered live event BlizzCon used to be one of the highlights of the year for the MMORPG genre - until COVID drove it...

Pax Dei elaborates on its sandbox housing and building systems – check out the new video

Pax Dei's reveal at the top of March was a surprise of the welcome sort for fans of immersive fantasy sandbox MMOs, as studio...
lol, no

Vague Patch Notes: E3 is gone, but it’s only half a victory

So E3 is dead, and we've already shared some of our thoughts on the matter earlier this week. But as someone who literally wrote...
Ah, that explains it.

Warframe has opened up its physical ticket sales for TennoCon

There's no game out there quite like Warframe with its uniquely baroque and futuristic style, and that means there's no physical convention quite like...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 416: Jedi mind trick

Justin and Bree discuss April Fools' Day in MMOs, SWTOR, Mad World, Last Epoch, Anvil Empires, Multiversus, E3, ARK 2, and ARK Survival Ascended, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, and WoW Classic, plus mailbag topics on leaving your mark on and feeling special in MMO game worlds.

The Daily Grind: Does the death of E3 mark the end of an era or a welcome revolution?

When all the rest of the big companies dropped out of E3 last week, I mused in work chat that surely the ESA wouldn't...

Why I Play: Diablo III – From pre-release to Reaper of Souls

It's hard for me to believe that Diablo III's May 15th, 2012, release was over a decade ago. And despite its reputation of being...
Oh good.

E3 2023 has officially been cancelled

This probably isn't going to come as a surprise to anyone, but it's still a significant announcement. E3 2023 has been cancelled outright according...

ExileCon 2023 includes Path of Exile 2 updates, a competitive race live on stage, and will stream free for all

Fans are always eager to hear about Path of Exile's upcoming leagues, but that might pale in comparison to the desire to get more...

Sega, Tencent, and Ubisoft are the latest game studios to drop out of this year’s E3

It was already bad enough for E3 2023 that Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox all elected to leave the show behind; now the show is...