SWTOR releases Update 7.1 Digging Deeper today with more story and a new raid


After a long wait, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans have their first content drop following the release of Legacy of the Sith this past February. Update 7.1: Digging Deeper adds more story, a new Manaan daily mission hub, the R-4 Anomaly eight-player operation, and the return of the Nar Shadda Nightlife event. Some of the classes will emerge from this patch affected by balance adjustments.

“Uncover a glimpse of Darth Malgus’s mysterious plans,” BioWare teased. “In this new update, players will learn more about Malgus’s fascination with Darth Nul, as well as the fate of Sa’har Kateen, the Jedi Padawan he dueled in the ancient ruins of Elom.”

Players will also discover that there are some nice user interface improvements: “To improve player experience, we’ve made changes to the character window, weapons in outfitter, and combat style icons, as well as added customization options to chat and subtitles.”

The servers went down just a few minutes ago, so you won’t have long to wait.

Source: SWTOR
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