free to play

‘Free-to-play’ is a term that refers to games that do not have box or download fees associated with them and do not incur a mandatory subscription. Some have optional subscriptions and are more properly referred to as hybrid F2P. Most have cash shops and microtransactions.

The MOP Up: Marvel Snap goes maximum effort with this month’s Deadpool season

Deadpool's taken over Marvel Snap (just in time for his new movie) and is bringing a new game mode, several new cards (including Gwenpool),...

One Shots: FFXIV gets a glow-up

Substance over style should be the priority in video games -- but that doesn't mean that style doesn't deserve consideration! It's always nice when...

The Stream Team: The killer droid jailbreak in SWTOR

The end is nigh! Massively OP's Larry is so close now to finishing the SWTOR's quest line to adopt the new Mandalorian robo pet,...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six ways you can prepare for the new legendary servers

With brand-new legendary servers coming soon to Lord of the Rings Online, the allure of a fresh start, lower lag, and the Ringwraith ruleset...

The Stream Team: Summer sun and fun in AQ3D

The heat is really bearing down in Massively OP's MJ, so she's going to enjoy cooling off at the beach -- even if only...
aw hell

Massively Overthinking: How often do you play human MMO characters when you have other choices?

I've been thinking about this question a bit lately, partly owing to Stars Reach and partly to Project Gorgon. Playable Worlds says Stars Reach...

Riot Games was reportedly working on a Smash Bros-style League of Legends platform brawler

What would happen if you blended together the platform brawling of Super Smash Bros. with the character roster of League of Legends? You would...

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online are finally getting official Discords

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online both have community-led Discord channels where players and developers hang out, but Standing Stone...

Global Chat: FFXIV rides out on the Dawntrail

The blogosphere is buzzing about the recent release of FFXIV: Dawntrail, including The Nosy Gamer, who provided some first thoughts and impressions of this...

Lord of the Rings Online says there are ‘lots and lots and lots of adventures still to have’

In a recent forum discussion around whether or not Lord of the Rings Online will wrap up its story when (and if) the Scouring...

TERA Console releases a balance patch that seeks to enhance class individuality

Most of the time when MMO gamers see the words "balance patch," they likely envision a planar saw smoothing every class into a flat,...

RuneScape parties on The Beach and heralds the new Sanctum of Rebirth dungeon

Having a hard time getting out to an actual shoreline this summer? RuneScape offers the next best thing with its summer event on The...

Crowdfunded MMORPG Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is launching early access in December

Who had this one on the ol' 2024 bingo card? Pantheon is gunning for an ambitious early access launch in December - yes, that...

From castles to conservation to content, I had a ball at Black Desert’s Heidel Ball 2024

It may have been a bit since the end of Pearl Abyss' Heidel Ball 2024, celebrating 10 years of Black Desert Online, but it's...
The yeller.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs with weirdly defensive fanbases

I do not have nice things to say about RuneScape. I have never had nice things to say about RuneScape. I also do not...

NetEase’s post-apoc survival MMO Once Human is live – and already tearing up Steam

NetEase has been extremely busy the last few years, cranking out games and picking up studios to make more for what it apparently thinks...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 475: The Legend of Ralph Lobster

Justin and Bree discuss Raph Koster's Stars Reach, Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, Daybreak's purchase of Singularity 6 and Palia, Nexon's The First Descendant, and Guild Wars 2's housing, with a mailbag topic on the legend of Ralph Lobster.

The Stream Team: Jumping into Warframe’s Jade Shadows

The latest update to drop in Warframe is the cinematic quest Jade Shadows, which also introduces the newest 'Frame, the reaper-esque Jade. Sadly for...

Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur releases July 26 as QoL previews begin ahead of July 18 livestream

Path of Exile fans now have two dates to possibly write on their calendars: July 18th and July 26th. That's when there will be...

Mabinogi confirms July 11 and August 8 launch dates for its two-part Winds of Fate update

The Winds of Fate are blowing across Mabinogi. Or at least they're scheduled to blow, specifically on Thursday, July 11th, and Thursday, August 8th,...