Overwatch 2 discusses the Invasion update’s PvE missions – and the price you’ll have to pay to keep them


PvE is finally coming to Overwatch 2 with the release of the Invasion update on August 10th, but the latest post from the game has unveiled a very large string is attached to the news: If you want to keep playing the tentpole story missions feature, you’re going to have to pay up.

The story missions will be available to play permanently if players pay $15 for an Invasion Bundle, which also adds 1,000 Overwatch Coins, a new legendary skin for Sojourn, and permanent access to Sojourn upon completing the story missions. There’s also a $40 ultimate bundle that additionally packs in a premium battle pass, more coins, and two more legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko. How long story missions will be available without paying is not explained.

As for the story missions themselves, players can expect three of them in large maps with the promise of complex objectives, an in-depth storyline that unfurls along the way, and some all-new Null Sector enemies to face down.

The post also offers some details about Invasion features that don’t have a price tag, such as the co-op event that involves guiding a TS-1 push bot, the hero mastery missions that offer tailor-made training courses for each character complete with global leaderboards, and the point capture-focused flashpoint PvP mode. It also heralds two other bundles that will go on sale on August 10th in the form of a $5 starter pack and a $20 Complete Hero Collection bundle. In other words, let the monetization engine churn.

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