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The Daily Grind: What could MMO studios do to add value to their subscriptions?

When Blizzard first announced World of Warcraft's trading post and yet didn't actually include anything particularly objectionable, pay-to-win, or RMT, I thought it seemed...

Massively Overthinking: The FOMO in our MMOs

World of Warcraft has become a very dump-on-able game lately, and Blizzard isn't making it any harder, as a tweet the company sent out...
Hush up.

Final Fantasy XI rolls out its newest patch complete with chat filters

The latest update for Final Fantasy XI arrived on Friday, and it brought with it the first pass on the game's chat filter functionality....

RuneScape warns players against PvP arena gold trading and giveaway-based RMT

Readers might remember that Old School RuneScape had launched the PvP arena as a replacement for its old duel arena, which was being used...
Have you heard?!

The Daily Grind: What’s the weirdest activity you’ve charged MMO currency for?

As City of Heroes Homecoming tests long-awaited recycling rules for abandoned names and characters, I've been contemplating what to do with some of the...

Hearthstone’s second battleground season begins next week with major monetization charges

Practice your fancy shuffle, my friends, for Hearthstone's second battlegrounds season is set to start next week on August 30th. Yesterday, Blizzard announced what...
Anybody wanna do a mage?

Vague Patch Notes: The many flavors of ‘boosting’ in the MMO genre

The other day MOP's Bree and I were having a discussion about boosting. This is not entirely unusual, but it was unusual insofar as...

Final Fantasy XIV makes plan for opening home world transfers while banning RMT accounts

If you want to transfer your home world in Final Fantasy XIV right now... well, you can't. This is not for no reason, either....

EVE Online banned over 70K RMT and botting accounts over the course of 2021

CCP Games' battle with RMT and bot accounts in EVE Online is likely never going to end, but the devs that are part of...

Legends of Aria talks up its next testing phases and attempts to rationalize why it ‘needs’ the blockchain

Legends of Aria is continuing to beat the drum of its revamp and restructuring into a blockchain and NFT-filled MMORPG. A new dev blog...

Lost Ark begins blocking VPNs to help servers struggling with bot-laden queues

If you're on certain Lost Ark servers, you might have noticed that the queues aren't really going away, even in the middle of the...
This thing is weird.

The MOP Up: Wakfu conjures up a cosmetics inventory

Wakfu's newest patch, Update 1.75, goes live this week with a cosmetics inventory, a revamped Osamodas class, an inventory search bar, and far more. "The...

Massively Overthinking: What else could Blizzard do to fix World of Warcraft?

Last time in Massively Overthinking, our writers and readers sure did have a lot of good ideas to fix New World that Amazon won't...

ArcheAge banned almost 500 accounts this week for RMT activities

Kakao is clearly hoping to make ArcheAge synonymous with the term "banwave" instead of "exploit," if the latest rounds of banhammer action are any...

ArcheAge cuts back on Serpentis loot, kicks off an event, and removes billions in duped gold

There are gold sinks, and then there are gold black holes that slurp up massive amounts of wealth. ArcheAge's new stewards Kakao opened one...

ArcheAge bans more cheaters and revamps free trials in today’s update

ArcheAge is down for maintenance this morning, but don't get too excited, as the patch notes reiterate that complete halt to the entire unlock...

ArcheAge begins swinging the banhammer against promotion and web inventory exploiters

Yesterday we reported on a massive exploit wave that swept over ArcheAge involving players taking advantage of a free mana crystal promotion as well...

Peter Molyneux’s multiplayer ‘blockchain business sim’ Legacy sells $53M in land NFTs before release

If you feel strongly about another game making money off of concepts of internet spaceships, then you might have some feelings about what Peter...

ArcheAge retools fresh start server plan, drops notes for massive day-one patch, teases 2022 plans

Got everything in the ArcheAge AMA committed to memory? Good because Kakao's already moving on with new dropped dev blogs on what to expect...

Kakao’s ArcheAge AMA suggests revamps of crime and trade systems, monitoring for ‘nefarious gameplay’

Yesterday, Kakao ran an AMA on the MMORPG subreddit to address player "confusion" over its impending stewardship of ArcheAge here in the west following...