Overwatch 2 unveils its next control map coming in Season 7


If you missed watching the Overwatch League grand final, you missed out on some news from the shooter itself, as the devs used the esports event to showcase the next control map that’s headed for Overwatch 2 in its next season.

The new map, Samoa, is described as an opportunity to bring players into a tropical paradise fantasy, and will feature three distinct control point locations spread across its breadth including a beachside area, a downtown urban section, and the interior of a volcano. The devs elaborated on how each point is completely unique from one another and went through each control area in detail, discussing aesthetics, design, and strategy along the way. The preview then closes with a demonstration match among Overwatch influencers.

The map itself will be part of OW2’s Season 7 offerings, which is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, October 10th. Those who want to get the full skinny on Samoa can watch the video embed below, which is set to a time when the preview begins.

sources: press release, YouTube
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