Past Fate details its latest closed alpha patch, promises details for next open alpha soon™

The indie sandbox MMORPG Past Fate keeps on trucking through its alpha testing steps. The most recent step is a rather sizeable patch that...

Indie sandbox MMO Galaxies of Eden talks crafting and economy, shares a pre-alpha housing test

Looking for Star Wars Galaxies without playing Star Wars Galaxies? Then you probably have your eyes on Galaxies of Eden, the ambitious indie sandbox...
Let me eat the fruit.

World of Warcraft updates players on the latest development business, and it’s all Season of Mastery and Halloween

So, what's happening next in World of Warcraft? Hallow's End, that's what. That starts up on October 18th and runs until November 1st in retail...

VR MMO Zenith teases its upcoming beta test and shares a video preview of a new city zone

Zenith, the in-development VR MMO from studio RamenVR, has been in an alpha state for a while, with multiple development delays. It would appear,...

Guild Wars 2 dates livestream previews of End of Dragons zones, expansion features, and siege turtles

Hold up, the End of Dragons expansion of Guild Wars 2 is getting siege turtles? Like... giant tortoises mounted with siege weaponry stomping onto...

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker media tour: Previewing three of the new zones

Zones! They're kind of important. And we got to preview a couple of the Endwalker zones during the Final Fantasy XIV media tour, so...
The journey.

Complete coverage of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker media tour

It wasn't so long ago that I got to sit down in front of my computer and do something that every Final Fantasy XIV...

Indie sandbox MMO Profane recaps latest progress in new video

Most of the time, the PvP MMO Profane has been showing off its development progress via Twitter threads. This time around, however, there's a...

Diablo II Resurrected is still suffering from major outages several weeks after launch

MMO players have been a been preoccupied with the launch of New World over the last two weeks to pay Diablo II Resurrected too...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online’s cranky priest

As all Elder Scrolls Online fans know, whenever a new chunk of content comes out, they'll be encountering some new figures in the game's...

Destiny 2 details vaulted content for Year 5 and previews a Ghost shell for Festival of the Lost

For those who write their calendars around vault content in Destiny 2, you'll want to divert your attention to a recent news post from...

OrbusVR introduces new character creation options and brings back the Fall Festival

The autumn season has come back to VR MMO OrbusVR as the game's latest update has brought back the Fall Festival for another year....

Here’s how Path of Exile is fixing and balancing flasks in October’s Scourge expansion

Grinding Gear Games has been teasing Path of Exile's 3.16 Scourge expansion with announcements of announcements; we already know the big reveal is set...
Wands. Super.

Star Trek Online is hosting its first ever Halloween event starting on October 13

Halloween has not traditionally been something that Star Trek Online celebrates, and for good reason; when you have the power of a Federation starship at...

Guild Wars 2 teases End of Dragons’ lush Shing Jea zone in new trailer

Shing Jea: If you played Classic Guild Wars: Factions, it's the island you grew up on, literally. And of course, it's coming with the...

Old School RuneScape changes its next League models following player feedback

The third season of Leagues in Old School RuneScape will offer players a lot of different rewards to earn, but the initial designs that...

Genshin Impact’s next update brings Inazuma’s last area on October 13

Let's get that second part of the story out of the way: Yes, Razer and Genshin Impact have entered into a partnership to let...

Looter shooter Space Punks revamps crafting in early access

Jagex's and Flying Wild Hog's action RPG with a 'tude, Space Punks, is taking a break from its high-powered rampages to get a little...

Final Fantasy XI previews a lighter update for its October patch

October is the spookiest month of the year, but it's a lighter month for Final Fantasy XI patches this time around. The official preview of...

Guild Wars 2 teases what looks like the Thief’s End of Dragons elite spec

Alright everyone, got your guessing hats on? Because Guild Wars 2 is at it again with the start of another set of elite specialization...