Nightingale talks up its aspirations to be a unique survivalbox and a ‘story engine’ for players

You can't fault the gaslamp survival sandbox Nightingale from wanting to continue to keep player interest high, especially after the devs at Inflexion confirmed...
I grew up on a farm.

Final Fantasy XIV previews Buried Memory’s Island Sanctuary gameplay and parasol dance emote

It's only a few more days until the next Final Fantasy XIV patch arrives, but there's still more of the patch to be shown...
Yay, it's a tree.

World of Warcraft previews more zones of Northrend for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, gears up for the Great Push competition

Honestly, the odds are good that if you're looking forward to the next classic expansion in World of Warcraft, you don't really need zone...

Past Fate enters open alpha on Steam after a brief authentication delay

This reads like one of the most basic headlines in MOP history, but that's because the news really is as simple as that: The...

Rumor: Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West are next on the MultiVersus roster

When MultiVersus elected to include LeBron James and a Gremlin from the '80s to its roster of fighters, it very likely signaled to fans...

Tower of Fantasy increases server populations, limits chat spamming, and promises to fight cheaters

The devs of Tower of Fantasy have checked in with a new report that collects some of the latest updates made to the shared...

Lost Ark previews the pet ranch coming in the August 24 Arkesian Sun update

It may not be getting the constant flow of hype that we saw earlier in 2022, but Lost Ark is continuing to pull huge...
Oooh, mystery!

Wisdom of Nym: Everything we learned about Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.2

To the surprise of basically no one who closely watches Final Fantasy XIV's overall patch progression, patch 6.2 is arriving on August 23rd. That's...

First Impressions: Tower of Fantasy is Genshin Impact in a PSO2 costume (and it’s actually pretty good)

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: Tower of Fantasy, the new shared world RPG from publisher Level Infinite and developer...

Genshin Impact’s big 3.0 update arrives August 24 – here’s a new trailer

Genshin Impact has been full of sneak peeks and previews of its large-scale 3.0 update, but now the biggest preview yet has just recently...

Trove’s Lunar Plunge brings back the battle against the minions of Q’bthulu until August 23

Eldritch horror that are boxy and colorful are still eldritch horrors, so players of Trove are going to want to perhaps handle the matter...

MultiVersus confirms its first full season will begin August 15, but all of its features will be staggered

Fans of MultiVersus probably felt a bit dour at the news that the game's first full season had to be delayed, but as it...
Oh, to pretend to believe.

World of Warcraft previews the Ohn’ahran Plains and the upcoming dungeons of Dragonflight

Gosh, you know whom we haven't fought in World of Warcraft in ages? Centaurs. Let's get on that with the Ohn'ahran Plains in Dragonflight;...

Star Citizen’s latest video shows progress on ships, salvage, and new UI elements

The newest weekly video out of Star Citizen is once again an all sprint report episode, which runs through several smaller progress reports and...

Valheim offers another Mistlands update preview, promises a fix for game crashes soon

The developers of Valheim are back once more with another couple of screenshot previews of the Mistlands update, which Iron Gate says will be...

Wandering Wraeclast: Path of Exile’s Lake of Kalandra expansion launches August 19

Mirror of Kalandra. Path of Exile players know this is a super rare currency item that has been in the game since the beginning....

Elder Scrolls Online previews the Lost Depths DLC’s Graven Deep dungeon

Just in case it wasn't obvious by its title, the Lost Depths DLC coming to Elder Scrolls Online is going to involve some form...

Wrath of the Lich King Classic shows off the starter zones of Northrend, Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord

Despite the achievement name in World of Warcraft, there are actually a lot of things boring about Borean Tundra, although thankfully Coldarra isn't one...
Bring it!

Elyon announces the arrival of the Soulbringer class on September 7

Despite the name, the new class being added to Elyon is not really known primarily for bringing souls to a fight. The most obvious...

World of Warcraft previews Ohn’ahran Plains while Wrath Classic zombie plague event undergoes testing

Has there ever been a time in World of Warcraft's history when Blizzard was furiously testing two completely different versions -- and patches --...