Tower of Fantasy confirms global launch date of August 10, rakes in over 3M pre-registrations

Over the past several weeks, Tower of Fantasy has been trying to stir up hype for its arrival with video previews of characters and...

Sea of Thieves previews Season Seven quality-of-life features and its upcoming limited-time adventure

While Season Seven of Sea of Thieves isn't releasing until next week, that's not stopping the devs at Rare Ltd. from continuing to talk...

Guild Wars 2 previews Mesmer weapon and Warrior banner changes coming August 2

Guild Wars 2 is continuing its efforts to correct some wildly unpopular balance changes made back in June, this time with another patch scheduled...
No, we already made the Cats joke.

Final Fantasy XIV teases patch 6.2, Buried Memory, while announcing a North American data center expansion delay

So there's good news and bad news for Final Fantasy XIV fans this morning. Let's start with the good news: The teaser site for...

Massively on the Go: Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion remains solid one month later

It's been about a month since Monster Hunter Rise’s expansion Sunbreak released, and I'm still enjoying myself. Personal issues exploded during release that prevented me from...

Multiplayer dinosaur survival sandbox Path of Titans enters closed beta this week

Back in July 2019, we were introduced to Path of Titans, an upcoming large-scale multiplayer dinosaur survival title from developer Alderon Games that was...

Tinkertown is a 2-D multiplayer sandbox ARPG that’s all about building, exploring, and dungeon diving

You may have played a game like Tinkertown before, with its 16-bit 2-D style, sandbox elements like open building and exploration, and lots of...

Genshin Impact’s latest 3.0 update preview takes players through the rainforests and deserts of Sumeru

Genshin Impact is once again hoping to get its players excited about the upcoming 3.0 update with a new preview video, this time focusing...

Redfall offers a brief peek at how players can customize their characters

The vampire fighting co-op shooter Redfall is back once again for another preview post of its systems, specifically those that let players customize their...

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight walks you through its new Dracthyr Evoker hero class

World of Warcraft's third hero class is deep in testing as we speak, and players looking forward to the Dragonflight expansion no doubt are...

World of Warcraft previews the starting area for Dracthyr Evokers, the Forbidden Reach

Once, the Forbidden Reach served as a training area for the Black Dragonflight, but the Black Dragonflight has kind of been through some stuff...

EverQuest II’s producer letter lays out plans for the game’s next major update, Myths and Monoliths

Here comes the testing phase for EverQuest II's upcoming Myths and Monoliths patch some time this month; the game's latest producer letter promises that...

Ship of Heroes opens free registration for this weekend’s housing beta

Indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes is gearing up for another housing beta this weekend - and you can don some spandex and go...

Profane offers a first look at gatherable items and gathering gameplay plans

Gathering. It's a touchstone of the MMORPG gameplay loop and is especially important in a sandbox title like Profane, which has shared some preview...

Here’s what to expect from tomorrow’s Lost Ark Spells in Spades update

The next major content update for Lost Ark is heading to players tomorrow, July 20th, but that doesn't mean that Amazon Games isn't ready...

Camelot Unchained checks in with updates to siegecraft, animations, the Heavy Fighter, and the St’rm race

Camelot Unchained has once again returned with its monthly newsletter and development blog - a bit later than usual this time around - offering...

Kickstarted MMORPG Past Fate previews gameplay, eyes early access in August

We've been keeping tabs on the development trajectory of Past Fate, the indie sandbox MMORPG from Icy North Games, for quite some time. The...

Black Desert PC unveils the Drakania awakening, takes entries for invite-only ‘early access’ on July 22

It was only a matter of time until the recently introduced Drakania class of Black Desert got her awakening, and that time is fast...

Old School RuneScape previews its Tombs of Amascut raid

If you're a regular follower of developments for Old School RuneScape, you have probably seen the many, many, many preview posts for the upcoming...

Embers Adrift catches followers up with beta progress in latest video

If you haven't been following up on the weekly discussion and gameplay preview livestreams coming from Embers Adrift (or you have other things to...