CBU3 previews everything you can grab in the Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI crossover event

Strong eye contact.

It’s just over a week until Final Fantasy XIV players get a chance to find their flame with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover event, and while the main rewards have been known for a while it’s still nice to get the full list on the event preview. Players will need to have reached level 50 and cleared the initial 2.0 MSQ line up through The Ultimate Weapon to access the quest line; there’s no hint about what the quest itself will actually include beyond a fight alongside protagonist Clive against FFXVI’s version of Ifrit.

Players can of course unlock a fully dyeable version of Clive’s outfit (although it’s worth noting that the legs and feet are divided a bit unusually) as well as a mount and minion version of Torgal as an adult and pup, respectively. There are also a wide variety of musical tracks from the game, including the absolute banger theme of Find the Flame (which should mingle well with FFXIV‘s music, since Soken composed both). Just a few days left on the books.

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