OrbusVR hosts another free weekend starting today

We should warn prospective players of OrbusVR ahead of time that the game’s new free weekend will not include a free VR headset. If you want to play the game, you will need to already have a headset to do so. However, if you already have your set but haven’t yet tried the game out, you can do so for free starting… why, today!

All right, the official listing says “Friday, July 19th,” but we’re going to assume that’s a typo. [Update: Yep. It was. Live now!]

Players can explore the game freely for the duration of the free weekend, which comes to a close on July 22nd at 3:00 a.m. EDT. The game has had some recent patches, so if you’d been holding off on playing the game for whatever reason, this is a perfect opportunity to see what’s on display and consider making it a fixture of your VR library.


Exploring Pokemon Go’s real-life communities: MOP staffers revisit the game from opposite corners of the world

It’s year two of Pokemon Go. While there’s always room for improvement, enough has changed that I feel comfortable recommending the game to at least pre-World of Warcraft MMO fans. Why them and not the greater MMO community? Glad you (hopefully) asked! Unlike most true MMOs, POGO is still in its early infancy in terms of in-game community. Much as in early online games, players may be able to have a friend’s list, but not only is basic chat lacking but so is guild/clan support. There’s no party system, which means no group finder, let alone instanced content that lets you join in with little to no effort.

Like old school MMOs, POGO players have to use a lot of out of game tools for their communities, but there’s enough going on that fellow Massively OP reporters Brendan Drain and Tina Lauro Pollock have renewed their interest in the game. While Brendan had previously attempted some casual raids, both he and Tina had quit entirely. As the game just had not one but two events this weekend as part of its second year anniversary, we decided to try moving out of our comfort zone and looking at the game’s community from new perspectives. Brendan and Tina tried jumping in for the events for the first time, while I tried playing outside my usual community, with mixed results.

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The Daily Grind: What’s the worst fit for a seasonal event for an MMO?

Let’s be real here, I am a sucker for Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, so you would think I was over the moon about it being included as a seasonal event. And I usually am, but somehow in World of Warcraft it always feels… off, somehow. Just like Q’s Winter Wonderland in Star Trek Online never seems quite right to me, something that just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game world. Like it’s being added because, well, it’s a real-world holiday and people love holiday events.

It’s not just a matter of lore, either; you can always write the lore to justify these events if you want to. But it’s just something subtly wrong about the whole affair, something that makes things feel like the holiday just doesn’t quite belong. So what do you think, readers? What’s the worst fit for a seasonal event for an MMO? Are there Neverwinter events that just feel like they don’t make sense in the game, or Skyforge celebrations that just turn you off right away?

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War Thunder introduces a soccer mode through July 9

It’s around World Cup season once again, and that means everyone is wondering when the United States will care about soccer to the level of forgetting other sports exist. Do you need to have tanks? Because War Thunder is bringing you tank soccer. Yes, you can drive around in tanks which are also playing soccer. This is helped by the fact that it’s impossible to touch a ball with the hands of your tank, because your tank does not, strictly speaking, have any hands.

The event minigame will award participants with a special fiery soccer ball decal, so you’ll want to get in on the 3v3 random queues or the 4v4 squad queues if you want to forever have a burning soccer ball on the side of your tank. Also the whole thing will be called “football,” because the United States is the only country where it’s not called “football.” In summary, even if you can’t bring yourself to care about the sport, care enough to get an event reward.

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Warframe invites players to get a free Ash Prime for watching TennoCon

Looking forward to the future of Warframe? You should be happy that TennoCon is this weekend, but if you can’t make your way there in person, you’re almost in a better place. Not only can you watch TennoLive over the weekend to get all of the information, but you can also pick up a free Ash Prime frame just for watching the live broadcast.

To get the free frame, you’ll need to watch for 30 consecutive minutes and you’ll need to have your Twitch Prime and Warframe accounts linked, all of which is rather standard. Then you’ll be able to get a nice shiny Prime warframe just for checking it out. If you’d rather get most of your information through other means, however, our own MJ is at the convention this weekend; you can check out her latest stream of the game just below, and keep watching for the reveals on the show floor.

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RuneScape’s Ocean’s Bounty event sets sail

This week, Jagex is inviting RuneScape players to reap the fruits of the sea in its Ocean’s Bounty event. The two-week-long event introduces the Runepass, which “brings a variety of challenges and tasks” that players can complete to rise through its 30 tiers of trials. With each tier they complete, players can unlock exclusive cosmetic items with an oceanic flair.

All players can progress through the free challenge track, but if you want to get your hands on all the available prizes, you’ll have to shell out 400 RuneCoins for a Runepass which, in addition to providing access to two additional task slots and the golden challenge track, immediately grants two exclusive prizes: the ocean’s warrior head and the legendary Water Lycan pet. The announcement notes that the Ocean’s Bounty event is a “pilot” for the new Runepass system, so players can probably expect to see more like it in the future. For all the details on the event and other RuneScape news, you can check out the full post on the game’s official site.

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EVE Online plans a massive missile test for July 4th

The best way to celebrate July 4th is to fire as many explosives as possible in as many directions as possible. If you would prefer to do so without destroying large chunks of property in the real world, you can do so in EVE Online, which is calling for everyone to log into the game and test out the server hardware with lots of missiles.

We should perhaps specify that you are testing the hardware by firing missiles in the game. Not firing missiles at the hardware and seeing if it keeps operating.

Participants will receive two million skill points on the test server along with the satisfaction of shooting off lots of missiles. The test will be running at 17:00 UTC (1:00 p.m. EDT), so set your clocks accordingly and get ready to shoot off some explosives. Luckily, nothing else will be happening during the day, probably.


Pokemon Go apologizes for technical issues at its EU event by making the event a complete waste of time

All right. Let’s walk back through this. Pokemon Go holds an event in Dortmund, Germany. Because this is Pokemon Go, the event hits technical snags, which at this point is more of a theme for the game than catching things or gym battles. But once the game works again, people get to enjoy things like catching the elusive Corsola, normally available only around the equator. To apologize for the technical issues, Niantic promises to add a limited-time event wherein everyone in Europe can catch… Corsola.

You know, the rare monster that was made accessible during the event, which many people traveled to Dortmund for and caught several of just to make for rare trades.

Needless to say, players are rather unhappy about the fact that the apology for technical hiccups at the start of the event is to make the entire event what amounts to an expensive waste of time. There were, of course, other incentives for the trip, but many players are understandably upset about this form of compensation for attendees and non-attendees alike. Based on the current track record, we expect Niantic to compensate for this new misstep by blowing up everyone’s phones.

Source: Eurogamer via VG24/7


Fortnite’s rocket launch led to players being… nice to each other

You might think that gathering a bunch of Fortnite players in one spot to watch a rocket launch would lead to a whole lot of players shooting one another and very little actual watching of said rocket launch. But according to Polygon, players were actually being polite and watching as everything went down. After all, there’s time to go back to royale battling after the one-time server event took place, right? No one’s going anywhere.

There’s a video just below showing what the event looked like, along with some screenshots of the launch and what took place. It’s not totally clear what happened, but players will likely find out more once the game’s next seasons starts up on July 12th. We can only imagine the burst of violence on the site right after the launch.

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Confirmed: The Squirtle squad may finally be coming to Pokemon Go

Niantic, don’t play with my heart like this. After enduring years of Pikachu hats for various events in Pokemon Go, there may be a chance that Niantic will finally give some ascetic love (beyond shinies) to a Pokemon outside the electric mouse family: Squirtle.

Since the announcement of Squirtle Community Day, people have flooded the official Pokemon Go twitter announcement with demands that Niantic do more than it usually does with other Pokemon, giving rise to the hashtag #SquirtleSquadorRiot. While there’s been no official announcement, fans are hoping that the above header image may be a clue that the team has heard fans’ cries, though I remain skeptical at this point. (Update– It’s been confirmed).

Casual Pokemon fans just need to know that the original manga and anime had a gang of Squirtle in sunglasses that causes mischief, which naturally the hero must put right, eventually causing the gang to turn over a new leaf. The gang has been referenced in the game series as early as Pokemon Yellow and remains a fan favorite.

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Star Trek Online prepares baseball uniforms and a new ship for this year’s summer celebration

It’s kind of silly to think about a specific time being summer in Star Trek Online, since it’s always summer on some planet or another. And it’s even less sensible when it comes to Risa, which is in a perpetual perfect summer-like climate. But it’s summer in the real world, so this is when everyone flocks to Risa to enjoy the waves and take part in assorted celebrations. Hooray for the summer festival!

This year players can pick up a Vorgon Cruiser as well as various baseball uniforms styled after Deep Space Nine’s baseball-themed episode. You can also pick up some old rewards and just enjoy the fun of floater races on their own, if you’re not motivated by greed. Stats for the ship will be forthcoming soon, but for now you can just check out the rewards and get ready to beam down to party in the sun. There are no summer festivals on other planets, even if it’s summer there, too.


Ion Hazzikostas on World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s design philosophy

If you felt like World of Warcraft: Legion hit the random chance button too hard (likely as one of the many players who waited for a random legendary for a spec that never dropped), you will likely be happy to see that recent interviews with Ion Hazzikostas feature the game director admitting that the expansion was too random at the start. The two-part interview is helpfully summarized on Wowhead, and Hazzikostas hopes that the new Azerite armor will alleviate that randomness by dropping in consistent spots. Assuming that it drops there, anyhow.

Hazzikostas also revealed that the Burning of Teldrassil will be available over roughly a week or two, while the Battle for Lordaeron will likely be a bonus for those who purchased Battle for Azeroth a week before release (which certainly does hint at the order in which these events occur).There’s also a bit more detail on splitting up profession leveling between expansions and offering separate skill levels. You can check out the summary, or you can pick through each individual interview.

Source: Forbes (1, 2) via Wowhead


DC Universe Online launches part 3 of the Death of Superman

He lived, he died, and he’ll probably live again. Not just because comics tend to bring people back to life, but because, well, the whole Death of Superman event ended with an alive Superman. But perhaps you’ll be surprised with the third part of the event in DC Universe Online, which goes live today at 12:00 p.m. EDT. No downtime is expected for the change, so you can just keep playing and then move forward!

The third part was already tested on the game’s test server and involved heading out to find Superman’s corpse, which will probably be instrumental in reviving him. Or walking through Metropolis with him all Weekend at Bernie’s-style. Whichever one strikes your fancy, you’ll be able to do it yourself once the update is triggered. New rewards, new fights, and a fresh Superman corpse await you! At noon. Until then, you’ll need to just amuse yourself with jokes about his status as a dead guy.

Meanwhile, Daybreak has also surprise-announced the kryptonian time capsule via stream!

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