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World of Warcraft has its first trans character in the Shadowlands alpha and prepares the Darkmoon Faire on live

The first canonical trans character in World of Warcraft is here in Shadowlands: Pelagos, an aspirant among the Kyrians whose mortal form was...

Albion Online invites players to earn a ghost pig through the Undead Challenge

You might not think of July as a particularly spooky month, but Albion Online is still choosing this month to bring back...

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Dragon Quest crossover event with an onslaught of golems

There was an event in Final Fantasy XIV to cross over with Dragon Quest X back in 2014. Since then, the event has...
Contains some monsters.

Celestial Nights returns to Final Fantasy XI on June 30

Who wants swimsuits in Final Fantasy XI? That's what you'll be getting when the Celestial Nights event rolls around once again on June...
You've seen this before.

Diablo III adds random elemental power discharges for Season 21

If you're still waiting for Diablo IV, you are still going to be waiting for quite some time. That's just the reality of...

The Elder Scrolls Online brings back its Midyear Mayhem event on June 25

Starting on June 25th, The Elder Scrolls Online would like for you to punch your friends. Or punch strangers alongside your friends, whatever...
Sure. Fine. Great. Superb.

Wild Terra 2 opens its beta up for free play until June 22

The developers of Wild Terra 2 would like you to play the game, see how much stuff has been added to the game in...

Astellia Online’s newest event gives you stuff for staying logged in for two hours

There are two ways to look at the latest event for Astellia Online. On the one hand, you can get stuff in the...

Elder Scrolls Online hosts Greymoor house deco contest, lands on Stadia today

The newest story in The Elder Scrolls Online is all about vampires in the north, and that seems like as good a time...
Alas and alack.

Wisdom of Nym: Exit Final Fantasy XIV fan festival, pursued by a virus

So... yeah, we're not getting our fan festival for Final Fantasy XIV in San Diego. You probably saw that by now. (And if you're...
The arc of a journey.

Final Fantasy XI deploys its anniversary event and its June update to the live servers

Players had to wait a little bit longer for Final Fantasy XI's anniversary event this year, due to the whole... global pandemic thing. Fortunately,...

Final Fantasy XIV cancels its North American fan festival for 2020 over COVID-19, delays patch 5.3

One of the later events scheduled for this year has still been claimed by the global pandemic; Final Fantasy XIV's fan festival scheduled...
Take care.

A happy posthumous birthday to the dearly departed WildStar

Today marks the six-year anniversary of WildStar's release. There are no in-game events planned for the game, however, due to the fact that the...

Champions Online is invaded by nightmares and celebrating raptors

Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk with a dinosaur in Champions Online. For those of you who wish to live by...
And then it explodes.

Final Fantasy XI kicks off its Beat the Heat campaign on June 11

All heat must be beaten in Final Fantasy XI starting on June 11th. No, that's not when the game is adding some sort of...

World of Warcraft celebrates the Glowcap Festival today

Today in Zangarmash in World of Warcraft neither badgers nor snakes are welcome, because the micro-holiday is all about mushrooms. Yes, it's time...
Meow mix.

Albion Online offers a mount skin for an off-season Crystal League tournament

There's a gap between Season 9 and Season 10 of PvP struggles in Albion Online... or at least, the struggle for territory. There...

Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunshine Seeker event on May 29

It's hard to be a plant in Final Fantasy XI, especially a walking one. After all, people are no doubt looking at you...
For you it's all in a day.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Maiden’s Rhapsody collaboration

Well, here's a blast from the past for Final Fantasy XIV players. Also, Final Fantasy XI players, and especially players of both, because the...
can be yor angle or ur deval

Champions Online revamps the battle at Therakiel’s Lair

Who doesn't like angel vs. superhero fights? The angels, presumably. And most of the heroes in Champions Online, it seems; the battle of...