Love is in the air, everywhere I look around~

Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s dressed-up Valentione’s Day event

As it was in every prior year of Final Fantasy XIV, Lisette de Valentione has arrived once more to celebrate the holiday of Valentione's...
Bring out your something.

Albion Online hot-fixes a Hideout issue while acknowledging issues with the Battle for Caerleon event

Every big patch has some issues, and Albion Online's Queen update, which landed yesterday, was no exception. It turned out that Hideouts were...
Space me out.

Star Trek Online previews its new anniversary ship, the hybrid Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser

The newest anniversary ship for Star Trek Online is not a Klingon ship. It is also not a Federation ship. It is, instead,...
Oh, right, more freaking sky pirates.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Moogle Treasure Trove on January 20

It's time for another run of the Moogle Treasure Trove event in Final Fantasy XIV, because the event is a good way of...
Super deadery.

DC Universe Online is offering free access to episodes through February 7

The anniversary event for DC Universe Online has arrived, as the game has turned nine years old and is celebrating with a whole lot...

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally started the Undaunted event

All right. Are we ready? Are we finally ready for this event? The Elder Scrolls Online has been trying to get the Undaunted event rolling...
Looking for some HELL PIT, baby, this evening

Neverwinter welcomes console players to the Hell Pit starting on January 9

Welcome to the new year, Neverwinter players! Want something new to do? Why don't you start by venturing into the HELL PIT? Starting on...
A moon ride to the... er... also moon.

Trove kicks off the Renewus event through January 14

It's been a busy couple of months in Trove since the latest patch dropped toward the end of November, followed by Snowfest...
Boom, crash, new year, explosions.

TERA runs bonus reward events as its winter events wave farewell

Gosh, we really hope you got everything taken care of in TERA's holiday events. The Yule War has concluded. Wintera has concluded. The Golden...
Behold. Nothing.

Chronicles of Elyria postpones its unsold land sales with a date still to be determined

As you may recall, Chronicles of Elyria touted that it was running a big event recently with its "Settlers of Elyria" event, which...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn rings in the new year on December 31

It's just about time to bring around the new year, and for Final Fantasy XIV that means a new animal-themed kabuto and an...
This image hurts.

TERA balls up another round of Wintera starting today

It's time to enjoy the winter snowfall in TERA with the annual rollout of the game's winter festival, dubbed... Wintera. Is that...
ring ring ring

World of Warcraft brings the Feast of Winter Veil around once again

It's beginning to look a lot like red jumpsuits on Dwarves in World of Warcraft as the Feast of Winter Veil returns once...
He's a stranger. You don't know him.

OrbusVR brings around the Festival of Strangers for its winter holiday

So let's say a bunch of weird white-furred ape-men invade and smash up your village, leading you to form a party to beat them...
Some people can be led to joy and still refuse it.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off another free login campaign until January 14

Lots of stuff gets updated in Final Fantasy XIV, but maybe you're not regularly subscribed to see all of it. That's what the game's...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its 2019 Starlight Celebration

It's time to get ready for another holiday celebration as Final Fantasy XIV rolls out the red carpet with white trim for
Well, I feel daunted.

The Elder Scrolls Online is delaying the Undaunted event into January

Ironically, it appears that getting the Undaunted event running in The Elder Scrolls Online has proven to be an exceedingly daunting task. You...
ho ho ho indeed

Champions Online yanks event currencies and seasonal rewards to be replaced with more time-limited availability

We all know that Champions Online had been in de facto maintenance mode for a long while, although this year has seen a...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday arrives on December 17

Deck the halls with tiny golems, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Yes, Wintersday is arriving in Guild Wars 2 once again on December 17th, bringing all...
Sort of like jingles.

Final Fantasy XI brings out some extra style for this year’s Starlight Celebration

Are you tired of sitting down in the most boring and tedious fashion possible in Final Fantasy XI? Do you feel your muscles clench...